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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluff is doing pretty good for all the GOOD PEOPLE out there and is at almost 50% prize ratio already this month! On friday fluff hit both the midday and evening pick 3 with 431 and 047 in Iowa and Indiana, which are the same results for both states! So there you have it again with fluff hitting both the midday and evening on the same day in the same state! Tonight in NY fluff likes 224-227-245-416-365 and fluff is MAKING MONDAY PART OF THE DAYS SYSTEM FOR 22'S FRONT AND REAR PAIR, ALL 22X NUMBERS AND THE TRIPLE 222! 2's have been hitting pretty good on monday so fluff is making them part of the DAYS SYSTEM! As always keep up to date on fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     Ok so on to world events. Ukraine is heavy on everyone's minds and we are all disturbed by the stories, pictures and news coming out of Ukraine and Russia. This is one big entangled mess. But one thing is sure. Putin does not care about children dying every day and people dying every day due to their goals, ambitions and policies. When Israel is going to bomb and area with mortars they call and tell them they are going to launch mortar bombs into the area and to get out of your homes and get clear. This is because they do not want to kill women and children and innocent people. Putin does not care about any of this and gets up everyday and thinks he is doing something good. This reminds me of Steven Segaul when he said to this guy:I'll bet you wake up every day and look in the mirror and are pleased with yourself, and this disturbs me". So now the world is aware of his(Putins) intentions and believe that he wants to put Russia back together the way it was years ago by taking all the block states back. So we do not really know what is happening or what will happen. Volunteers are coming from all parts of Europe to fight with Ukraine in this guerilla style war against a standing army. This is exactly what we did in the Revolutionary war when we fought against the British and their standing army. It took a lot but if you have s strong stomach and a lot of guts and resolve you can do a lot of damage and forward your cause. So our hearts and souls are with the people of Ukraine. Now, complicating this problem is the need for fossil fuels and everybody with their line of baloney. I do not know why everyone thinks it is their divine right to get into a vehicle everyday and burn fossil fuel. It will not last forever and we will eventually run out of drinkable water, oil, and or food. Some combination of the above. We already ran the middle east dry of oil but the technology is able to drill deeper into the earth and do more damage so people can drive pickup trucks a few years longer. fluffy was asked what he thinks will happen with the Ukraine situation. Well fluff thinks or has a feeling that this thing is not going to blow over in a couple of months, you know just his gut feeling. It could even turn into an agreed upon ground war with troops from many nations on one side and Russia , China and other nations on the other side. Anyone's guess is good. Sound strange? Well in Vietnam we could not go north past the 38 parellel or China would come into the war. Rules in war? Yes there was and are. So there are some good organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Rescue dot org, Airbnb and some more. Probaby the Red Cross is there also. If everyone could stop driving a 11 mile a gallon truck it would help but God knows they have a Divine right bestowed upon them to use fossil fuel. All you are doing is fueling terrorism around the world by buying gas and it always was like that. fluff is praying for the people of Ukraine and all of the people in Europe and around the world who are assisting and trying to help them. As far as the evil-doers they will face judgement as always. It always was and always will be like that.

     Best WISHES AND PRAYERS to ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE OF UKRAINE AND ALL ASSISTING THEM from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Grey and the B-Crew!

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