Hey, fluff here!  OK so today in NY 228 and 128 are looking good for the midday and evening draws for sat and then some! REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS ARE BEING REINFORCED and are good plays for right now! We have been playing a lot of the OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE and we are overdue as they haven't been showing in NY. We had 757 in play amongst a few others. Tough going here. Regular DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY and fluff has 3366,5588,2280, and 1924 for sat and sunday here in NY and you can play for ALL STATES! As always keep up to date of fluff's PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     Well the war in Ukraine goes on and the people of Ukraine are fighting a guerilla war and doing pretty well. The face of the was comes down to the woman and here children on the cover of the New York Post. The next day pictures of her, Tatania and her family were shown and she was beautiful and seemed like a happy person. Two of their dogs were lost in the tragedy also. So the world is putting a lot of pressure on Russia and Don feels it is just. Who is going to fix all that damage the Russians have done to the infrastructure besides the loss of life and suffering? It would already take years to repair all the damage done. We the United States could fix the damage a lot faster than anyone but over their it may never be right again. We are an industrialized nation with a lot of machinery and can do stuff nobody else can. So continue to support and pray for the people of Ukraine for the very best outcome possible. It is hard to go to sleep every night knowing what is going on over there. We must stay in prayer and show out support for Ukraine. It is the right thing to do.

     Prayers and Blessings to the People of Ukraine Always from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Grey, and the B=Crew!

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