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Powerball results/Blue Moon


Okay, did better on Powerball, but still no money. Oh, and yes, completly my fault. I originally had that 28 pegged for mega millions the night before. Lol, I didn't look at the numbers on mega millions at first, only that there was a winner in VA. My heart skipped a couple of beats and I got really excited. I didn't say anything though, thank GOD. I would have hated to make a fool out of myself there., even if it would have been in front of my kids. I decided to go with the 16 because it should have equaled 7 for mega ball. Well, we see, it actually turned out to be the number 7 itself. I might not get the money for it, but I count that as a 1+1 hit for powerball. I played the 7 first again. I usually play a 7-13 and 7-11 combo, among others. I got 54 in another set of numbers. And, just because I didn't have the money to throw at it, didn't mean I didn't get the numbers right in another way. If that had been in Maddog's challenge, I would have had a 3+1 hit. Why? I had the numbers 7,23,54 and pb 28 as possible choices, among others. If I had been playing, they would have been listed as my some of my 12/4 choice numbers. Should have looked at the preceding numbers a little more before playing my slips. I would have caught that one about the powerball needing to equal one/ten.

Now, about that BLUE MOON.   Did you know today is a BLUE MOON in the Americas? It will be in the constellation Sagitarius and conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagitarius. Jupiter means Big/Lucky. Sagitarius is the epitome of lucky in the zodiac. A Blue Moon is considered by many to mean three fold. So, by all rights, this Blue Moon should equal three fold the luck Jupiter has to offer. Put all three together, I would say that is a triple threat. I am a Sagitarius. I feel very strongly that if I am ever going to win at this, it will be in this two week effect time frame. But because there is some confusion over the actual dates of the BLUE MOON, I will give it until after June 30th.

I don't know why it will not take that hyperlink. But there is the address to get the info on it, anyway. Just copy and paste the address into your address bar to read all about the confusion of the Blue Moon. I honestly never knew about it until someone here posted something about a "Blue Moon triple watch" on the pick 3 board. This BLUE MOON is of particular interest to me for other reasons as well.

You can check out this link for that info....


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