Shouldn't All Be Proud To Be American>>


This is our independence day, our country's birthday.It is a unifying event. A time to set aside political,regional and religious differences. A chance to celebrate the hard won glory of the United  States. A day to be grateful for the opportunity to live in the most free nation on earth and express pride in being an American.

~ VJ

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Avatar eddessaknight -
Thank USA Be Blessed and Happy Birthday
consider all free air, water ,sun rises, sunsets, rivers mountains that we are given every day. L@@K ex Sun comes up say at 5@28 AM tomorrow 5:29 with precision - we have been given, by our Creator, a virtually predictable perfect world.

It's the people who have changed since sadly falling away from God
Avatar rdgrnr -
That's right Knight.
Unfortunately, the Democrats which are probably about 38 or 39% of our country, hate America.
Wish they would just leave and go to North Kores where their preferred form of government is already in place.
Avatar hearsetrax -
Avatar Pick3master3838 -
How could we be thankful when Lauren bobert thinks that separation of church and state is junk and she's tired of it? Let me know when you guys figure out which side of democracy you're on, until then, please stop with your fake patriotism.

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