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     Hey, Fluffy here!  OK, so right now for NY fluff is liking 441, 254 and 586 for the next FIVE DAYS OR SO!  Fluff thinks these numbers are good plays and one or more are likely this week! As always never spend a lot! Thursday is 628 and 257 for ALL STATES! Now this month fluff is keeping the amount of numbers low and right now he has one hit for 278 picks! Pretty good actually so we will be playing DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS EVERY DAY! The DAYS SYSTEM IS VERY EFFICIENT, TAKES NO TIME FOR FIGURING AND CAN MAKE YOU SOME DOUGH! But, it takes PATIENCE and is a low-buck system. We do not believe in playing a lot of numbers. No good informed player should have to. As always keep up to date of Fluffy9999"s Predictions and Blog Predictions.

     Well now Don would like to talk about the workforce. A lot of companies right now are having a lot of turnover and a lot of companies are not running very good at all. This is a tough time for the workforce, economy and everything in general. But if you are working you should be proud to have a job and be contributing to the workforce. Retiring is not all it is cracked up to be. Lonelyness is part of not working and becoming disconnected from everyone. If you don't want to be employed and have a way of making yourself useful then that is good also. If you want to work at a cat shelter and be with the kittens all day then you are helping out. If you are wealthy and want to write checks all day to GOOD CAUSES THEN YOU are helping out. We have to help each other. That is the only way this world will work. As always Don always says "HELP SOMEONE TODAY". If I have learned one thing in my lifetime then it is HELP SOMEONE TODAY! Let us be at peace with all and overlook there imperfections. Today I made someone laugh. I have this ability to CONNECT WITH PEOPLE AND GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT. I spoke with a women who is doing dialysis today. Yesterday I spoke with a man who does body work. We all make it work and are good at something. Tomorrow in New York we will be close to 100 degrees and if you see anyone THAT NEEDS HELP OR AN ANIMAL OR PET THAT NEEDS HELP THEN HELP THEM! If you have enough money to pay your bills then pay it forward and help a family who needs help. It makes this world better for all of us.

    Best Wishes Always and GOOD LUCK from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

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