Hey, fluffy9999 here!  OK, so yes fluffy did hit 2280 Straight in Florida on a Sunday this month and recently hit 1974 STRAIGHT ALSO IN TENNESSEE AND BOTH WERE POSTED HERE ON LOTTERY POST! Is there MORE! OH yes, there is more! Now you are familiar with Fluffy9999's Two Blogs were he posted his DAYS SYSTEM one of which was November 24, 2018? Well the DAYS SYSTEM LIST HAS 5588 IN PLAY FOR SATURDAY!  SO FLUFFY IS CLAIMING 3 STRAIGHT PICK 4 HITS THIS MONTH! IN FACT FLUFFYS BROTHER DID HAVE THIS STRAIGHT AND BOX AND TOOK THIS ONE TO DA BANK FOR THOUSANDS! As always the QUESTION LOOMS LARGE - WILL THERE BE MORE HITS? OH YES, THERE WILL BE HITS! AS always keep up to date on Fluffys PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     Best WISHES ALWAYS and GOOD LUCK from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #638


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