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You know your a real Motorcycle Lady if


You know your a real Motorcycle Lady if

You have broken a nail on your clutch or front brake handle.

The only perfume you smell like is eau de exhuast.

You figured out how to apply lip gloss without taking off your helmet.

You take the "windswept" hair look to a level never seen before.

You have spent hours trying to untangle your hair after a long day of riding.

You have tan lines in funny places where you never had them before.

You have had to pull over to pull up your low-rise jeans cause your crack was showing OR you know how to pull those jeans up while riding

You have ripped out your earrings putting your helmet on or taking it off.

You would rather ride your bike than your boyfriend.

You know that 600, 650, 750, 900, 929, 999 are cc's for bikes and not area codes.

You stopped wearing sandals cause you might be going riding.

You would rather have clothes from Icon, A Star or Joe Rocket, than Gucci, Prada, or Valentino.

You have asked your boyfriend/husband for parts for your bike instead of jewelry.

You shop more at the dealerships than you do the mall.

You care more about the latest release of cute helmets than you care about new spring dresses.

You know that a Power Commander is not a sex toy or a video game.

You made your husband move to the guest closet so that you can have your own personal motorcycle closet.

Your clothes are color coordinated to your motorcycle

You read motorcycle magazines instead of Better Home and Garden, Housekeeping etc.

You go in earlier so that you have more time to ride in the afternoon.

You ask your husband if it is ok to have cereal for supper instead of cooking

You cut back house cleaning and study maps where the next ride will be

You interrupt what ever you are doing at the moment and see what type of motorcycle is going by.

You fix your hair after each stop instead of putting on a hat.

You keep your dress shoes at the office.

You bargain hunt for blouses and slacks, but don't blink at a $500 price tag on a leather motorcycle jacket.

Your Sidi boots are your most expensive footwear.

You talk down the price of an oil change for your cage by mentioning that it's cheaper to change the oil for your BMW.

Your sink has a bar of LAVA instead of liquid hand soap.

"Moly" doesn't make you think of a woman's name.

You know what MSF really means.

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