Fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORES 254...



     Hey, Fluffy here!  OK, so yesterday fluffy9999 scored 254 straight and 425 boxed in Pa and Georgia! 254 was a good day for a lot of folks out there and Fluff KNOWS THEY TOOK THIS ONE TO DA BANK! And the DAYS SYSTEM SCORED A NICE BOXERD HIT IN NEW MEXICO! Let us not forget our good friends in New Mexico out there as they play the lottery also! Fluff did put some SPECIFIC PICKS FOR OHIO AND IS WAY UP ON THAT CHART! And of course in fluff's home state of NY fluff has DAYS SYSTEM PLAY FOR TUES 1920 IN EARLY AND THAT ONE PAID OFF! So fluff started out good this month, then slowed down and is now picking up steam! Today in NY fluff likes 1010,1110,320, and also pick 600,791 with 9999 in play for the week both midday and evening! A simple technique that works all over is to go over the last pick 3 and 4 numbers in your state and move the numbers one up and down. These are your angles and BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ANY NUMBER THAT IS A CURRENT OR UPCOMING DAYS SYSTEM PLAY or ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE POOL NUMBERS! Do this every day and keep your eyes open and you will see! As always keep up to date on Fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     Recently is his travels Fluff was in Cohoes NY and there are a bunch of down-to-earth folks there always willing to help you out. If fluff is traveling around he always stops in a convienence store and gets a coupe of Quick Picks for the BIG JACKPOT GAMES! Mark your TICKETS WHERE YOU BOUGHT THEM SO YOU CAN GO BACK AND KEEP PLAYING THEM!

     Best Wishes to ALL from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady-Gray and the B-Crew!

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