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lotto purchases today


Last Edited: June 23, 2007, 7:32 pm

 willow weep for me (featuring clayton hamilton jazz orchestra)  << had to squeeze this in here. i exceded space for now playing.

besides the media player picking the same song twice. things have been real tough on this end. money is almost dried up and options are running out. i am working my way towards a 2nd job but getting there is another story. things are getting turned off and on just trying to keep them going. i am just happy i am working now. i just need to make more money. sigh. the job i am doing is lots of fun. i never thought doing desk top support would be so much fun again. so i trudge on and on trying to get to this second job. my fingers are crossed that i can get there and do well. two jobs would be better than one. i need to work my way out of this oppressing debt. the song is talking about being sad as sad can be and weeping willow tree weep for me. i keep my chin up and keep pushing forward. well enough about my sad sad sad situation.

well the long gap between post was not meant to be this long. i had my internet service turned off and i was busy at work. i got it on again tuesday this week and i was busy all week. hence i didn't post here at all.

what i was going to post was another loss on the washington lottery. 10 drawing in a row and all losers. i turned around and got another 10 drawing 2 dollar ticket and one set was my regular numbers and the other was a quick pick. this ticket will take me into july sometime.

i have two tickets coming due this week. one a cali ticket and another washington ticket coming due. i wish one of them would give me at least 2000 dollars. i could use that much right now. sigh.

i have a powerball ticket to pick up from my friend but i didn't go out today to get it. maybe it be a winner too. lol. right now i don't even know what the jackpots are. the last time i checked mega was at 55million. i know no one won it in my state because they would have something on the news this morning.

i miss training so much. i may never get another opportunity to do it again. sad. i so like training people it is ridiculious that i can't find a full time postion training. makes me want to cry. oh well the life and times of a contractor. that is why i play lotto. if i win i can afford to work or go do contracts where i am training folks. sad. so sad no one will sing for me under this willow tree except for the willow tree. weep for me willow tree. give me a little sympathy.

mr power and mr mega take me away from the work world.


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