Fluffy9999 DAYS SYSTEM HITS 429 & 441 Straight Friday...



     Hey, Fluffy9999 here! Okay so Fluffy9999's Days System scored 429 in Illinois and 441in Iowa straight in these states this past Friday! Fluff came out of the gate good this month and his current Hit Ratio is 80% here on Lottery Post! Fluff likes for NY 500-707-461 and for Pick-4 9999, 8888 and 2888 thursday to sunday preferred. These numbers especially 9999 should be in constant play here in NY! As always take a look at Fluffy9999's Days System Selections. Sunday must play is 623-316 and 2280 for ALL STATES PLAYS! As always KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     Well is is a warm day here in upstate NY Schenectady where fluff lives. This winter feels a lot like spring with the exception of those couple of days. We did have two days of zero DEGREE WEATHER AND WITH THE WIND CHILL IT WAS SUBZERO, ARTIC-LIKE. A lot of days are warm enough to work on your car or do some outside activities that is in the warm part of the day. As always fluff recommends a good diet of food which includes fruits, vegetables and non-processed foods. In there market there is a piece of fish, Kiwis, oranges, salad material with some nice toppings of fruit and nuts. Do not waste your money on things like soda, candy and junk which has no nutritional value. Good supplements can go a long way towards good health. A serving or more of blueberries, strawberries and raisan bran type cereal can be a great desert in the evening or anytime. People may criticize Fluff about the supplements he takes but fluff has two relatives and one is two years younger and one is two years older and they are both close to legally blind and both have had cataracts. Fluff has had none of this. Your daily regime should include calisthenics like jumping jacks, toe-touches and stretching, all kinds of push-ups and some exercises with weights, long walks greater than 35 minutes and of course your mental relaxation, meditation and prayer. Your calisthenics only take 5 or 10 minutes to start and Fluff makes sure he does 100 jumping jacks per days and minimums on the other exerciese. If you want to buy a curl bar and some weights there is time to tone up your arms for summer.  As always let us be happy, carefree and innocent like children and let us ALL look up at the sun and feel it's warmth and let us all be carefree, innocent children in the sun!

     BEST WISHES ALWAYS to all from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew

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