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     Hey, Fluffy9999 here!  OK so Fluff is wondering how everyone is doing? OK he hopes. Now for NY pick 3 fluff likes 220-808-254 and for today Sunday 623-223-222-316-333-777-2280-7891 like THAT! Fluff is off to a GOOD START THIS MONTH and has already picked up some hits! So as always DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER IN PLAY and for Monday fluff likes 254-354-111 and for tues 320-777-77 pairs and any 77x number for NY and ALL STATES! 777 and 222 have not shown in a while here in NY so 222 is a good play but have patience! The day is wed to friday but sunday is a good day also in NY for 222! AS ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     As always there is a lot to think about in life. Don was pondering what has happened to retail since the 1990's up to present. I liked the retail stores here in NY in the 80's like K-Mart, service Merchandise, Radio Shack and for an older 70's Store TWO GUYS here in Schenectady. I collect retail memoribilia and have some items from these stores in my collection. There is a mall down near my home called Viaport and it is a shell of what is was when it opened in the 1982 or so. Commercial renters are coming in like NYS and there are not a lot of stores left in there mostly small privately owned stores. However there is an AQUARIUM that has big fish in there so we have a MAJOR ATTRACTION THERE some restaurants and entertainment areas. But I think we have lost a lot since most of the stores went out in terms of socializing, meeting people, jobs available and like that. There were some pretty nice jobs abailable back then to work in small retail stores that were interesting if that was your hobby interest and fun to work at. I think most older folks miss the feel of the mall being a shopping mall. People put way too much emphasis today at staring at a computer screen rather that speaking with each other. I find it insulting couples are on their computers instead of looking at each other. WE have lost a lot.

     Best Wishes Always and GOOD LUCK from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

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