Georgia Raffle date changed to 7-7-07



I wont complain about them moving the date ill wait and complain if i dont win,ha ha...

ATLANTA – 7/7/07 just got luckier with the Georgia Lottery Corporation extending the fun and the opportunity to become a millionaire with Millionaire Raffle. The game has been extended for one more week with the drawing now scheduled for July 7, 2007 – the luckiest day of the century.

Millionaire Raffle is an exciting, limited-time game that gives Georgia Lottery players their best chance ever to win $1 million. Four tickets will win $1 million each, paid in a lump sum; five tickets will win $100,000 each; and 500 tickets will win $1,000 each.

A total of 500,000 tickets will be printed and sold in numeric order. A computerized drawing on July 7, 2007, will randomly select Millionaire Raffle winners.

The odds of winning any prize in the Millionaire Raffle game are 1 in 982. The odds of winning one of the four $1 million top prizes are 1 in 125,000. The odds of winning one of the five $100,000 prizes are 1 in 100,000. The odds of winning one of the 500 $1,000 prizes are 1 in 1,000. Each Millionaire Raffle ticket costs $20.

Draw results for the $1 million and $100,000 prize levels will be announced during the 6:59 p.m. CASH 3 Evening drawing on July 7, 2007. Complete results of the 509 winning raffle numbers will be available on the Georgia Lottery Web site and at Georgia Lottery retailers.

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Avatar tnlotto1 -
i dont know if they sold out but the website said they will have the drawing tonight at 7pm eastern time.

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