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i put this question in my blog because i wasnt sure how crazy it sounded but someone wrote that they play the same 6 numbers they have used for years on powerball and another person typed the same thing about megamillions. they both said they would never post those lucky numbers on lottery post but they do post other numbers and im the same way i have only posted my favorite numbers a few times but most of the time i post quick picks in the maddog10 challenge. i have played the same numbers for about 11 years just changing one or two numbers so my question is what if most of us are playing the same numbers in jackpots games and that is the reason we havent won because we are all waiting on basically the same numbers?

Happy New Year Everyone



Entry #15

change of heart in TN lottery refunds

Friday, September 14, 2007


NASHVILLE - The Tennessee Lottery is not offering refunds for Powerball tickets purchased last week. The Lottery regrets any confusion or inconvenience created by recent reports concerning some tickets sold on Sept. 6 and the morning of Sept. 7, 2007.

While some tickets for some of the Lottery’s other games contained an incorrect message about last Saturday’s Powerball jackpot amount, all other means of communication about the jackpot—the Lottery’s website, a press release and information sent to retailers that is displayed to players, for example—had the correct amount posted during this period. For those who purchased Powerball tickets, the chance to win in the drawing was not affected.

“Nothing is more important to the Lottery than the loyalty and confidence of our players,” said Rebecca Hargrove, President and CEO. “We regret what happened. While the ticket message was incorrect, it did not impact any player’s chance to win. As always, we will continue to scrutinize our operations to maximize revenues for education in Tennessee and appreciate the support of our players.”

Entry #13

TN Lottery makes another mistake

Lottery tickets list wrong jackpot prize

Refunds to be offered on case-by-case basis

Some Powerball players will get refunds because of a misprint on Lotto 5, Cash 3 and Cash 4 tickets that showed last Wednesday's Powerball jackpot at $29 million instead of $15 million.

James Hawkins of Gallatin reported the misprint after stocking up on Powerball tickets Thursday and Friday, then spotting a billboard that didn't jibe with the jackpot printed on his Lotto 5 tickets.

Hawkins said he wouldn't have bought as many Powerball tickets if he'd known the jackpot was smaller. Lottery officials told him to return his Powerball tickets for a refund, he said.

"I don't think it's a situation where they intentionally overstated it to get more sales," Hawkins said. "But it's just once again sloppiness in management of their numbers."

Last month, a computer glitch prevented duplicate numbers from being drawn in Cash 3 and Cash 4 games, prompting the lottery to offer refunds or extra tickets.

Last week's problem occurred when vendor GTECH neglected to change the Powerball jackpot figure on tickets for other lottery games after someone won the $29 million Powerball that Wednesday, lottery spokeswoman Kym Gerlock said. The mistake was caught Friday and corrected, she said.

Gerlock said the lottery will work on a "case-by-case" basis with players who feel they deserve a refund. Players can call the lottery at 254-4946 or 1-877-786-7529 or visit one of its five offices.

Entry #12

couple wins lotto TWICE

Updated: 9:06 a.m. CT Aug 31, 2007

NEW YORK - How lucky can you get?

Adeline and Eugene Angelo won $5 million Thursday after buying the winning ticket in last week’s New York Lotto. In 1996, they won $2.5 million after splitting a $10 million jackpot with three other people.

Eugene Angelo, 81, said he and his wife would share their new fortune with their three sons and their families. Taking the lump-sum payment of $2.5 million, Eugene and Adeline and each of their sons will get about $513,000 before taxes.

“We’re a little older, a little wiser and there are a few more of us, when you count the grandkids,” Eugene Angelo said. “We’re still the same old people. Still very excited. It’s a great feeling.”

Adeline Angelo, 74, a retired medical secretary, said she hoped the new money will “buy us good health and longevity.”

Not done playing Lotto
With the winnings from their last big prize, the couple moved from the Bronx to Putnam County, about 50 miles north of the city. Eugene Angelo said they would continue to live modestly. And still buy lottery tickets, “just for the fun of it,” his wife added.

Acting Lottery Director Gardner Gurney said this was only the third time in Lotto’s history that a winner has hit the jackpot twice. The odds of winning just once were 22.5 million to one.

“The Angelos are living proof that lightning, or in this case, random luck, can strike twice,” he said.

Entry #11

$247 million powerball for 8/22?

i watched the news tonight and they said the powerball jackpot for the wednesday drawing was $247million. i dont know if they jackpot already rolled over from $245million to $247 million or if it was just a mistake by the local news. the powerball website still has $245million

Entry #10

RNG upsets TN players

Some Lottery players unhappy with switch from numbered balls

Industry trend is to use computers

Tennesseans will no longer be seeing the familiar numbered balls that announce the winning numbers for Tennessee Lottery drawings on television.

The Lottery began using computers to generate random numbers on July 28 for all of its lottery games, including Cash 3, Cash 4 and Lotto 5.

Some Nashville residents are not happy with the change.

"I don't like it," said Richard Brymer, 51, who's played the Tennessee Lottery since it started. "I'd rather see the drawings live because of the excitement of the live drawings."

Brymer said he quit playing all Tennessee lottery games when he found out about the lottery commission's decision to switch to computerized drawings. He continues playing Powerball because it still uses live drawings.

"I don't trust the computerized drawings," he said. "Possibly someone could do something to compromise the computerized drawings."

The Tennessee Lottery changed its drawings to keep up with industry trends, said Kym Gerlock, a spokeswoman for the Lottery.

"We're trying to keep up with what's happening in the industry, and this is cutting edge technology," she said.

Two standalone computers at the lottery's headquarters act as random number generators, and the computers are videotaped and overseen by security, Gerlock said.

"The security and integrity of our games is of utmost importance," she said. "There's no reason to doubt these drawings or question the integrity of how we do the drawings."

Computers are effective

The Lottery has received some complaints from players about the new system, Gerlock said.

"We hope players will accept and embrace the new technology," she said. "What people really want are winning numbers."

Computers could even be more effective in generating random numbers than lottery balls, said Frank Harrell, chairman of the biostatistics department at Vanderbilt University.

"The chance of a glitch is so nil," he said. "You could run the generator for centuries, and it would not repeat itself."

Twelve other state lotteries use computerized drawings, Gerlock said.

Entry #9

RNG lotto 5 had 3 winners!!!

the story below was on the website. i hope the other lotto 5 jackpots wont be split up often without the jackpot growing closer to half a million. 

THREE TICKETS HIT LOTTO 5 JACKPOT! Antioch, Franklin, Knoxville players split top prize
Tuesday, July 31, 2007


NASHVILLE - Three players matched all five Lotto 5 numbers correctly in Monday night’s drawing, which means each winner will share the $148,122 jackpot equally. The tickets were purchased in Antioch, Franklin and Knoxville. No additional information is available about the winners until they claim their prize.

Entry #8

TN RNG july 28th?

I watched the lotto 5 drawing tonight and the lady said,"remember the new tennessee lotto drawing start saturday july 28th" so i guess that is the start of the RNG. our emails must have been ignored because the decision was already made. maybe she was talking about something else but the only drawing we have on saturdays now are cash 3 and cash 4. powerball is also saturday of course but actual tennessee games on saturdays are just the cash 3 and cash 4 games so i think she was hinting towards some new RNG game...Mad

Entry #7

Kentucky Raffle drawing date extended

 this was on the site. i was looking forward to saturdays 7/7/07 drawing but they want to wait until they sell all the tickets and there are over 300,000 unsold as of this morning...


If you've waited to get in the Lucky 7's raffle, now's the time!  We've pushed back the drawing so everyone can get in the game!  The Kentucky Lottery Corporation, in its authorized discretion, has decided to extend the Lucky 7's Raffle draw date until a future time to be announced 2 weeks prior to draw.

Please Note:

  • The Lucky 7's Raffle drawing will absolutely be held.
  • All 734 cash prizes in the game will be awarded when the drawing is held.
  • Players will still have the full 180 days after the drawing to claim any prizes.
Entry #6

Georgia Raffle date changed to 7-7-07

I wont complain about them moving the date ill wait and complain if i dont win,ha ha...

ATLANTA – 7/7/07 just got luckier with the Georgia Lottery Corporation extending the fun and the opportunity to become a millionaire with Millionaire Raffle. The game has been extended for one more week with the drawing now scheduled for July 7, 2007 – the luckiest day of the century.

Millionaire Raffle is an exciting, limited-time game that gives Georgia Lottery players their best chance ever to win $1 million. Four tickets will win $1 million each, paid in a lump sum; five tickets will win $100,000 each; and 500 tickets will win $1,000 each.

A total of 500,000 tickets will be printed and sold in numeric order. A computerized drawing on July 7, 2007, will randomly select Millionaire Raffle winners.

The odds of winning any prize in the Millionaire Raffle game are 1 in 982. The odds of winning one of the four $1 million top prizes are 1 in 125,000. The odds of winning one of the five $100,000 prizes are 1 in 100,000. The odds of winning one of the 500 $1,000 prizes are 1 in 1,000. Each Millionaire Raffle ticket costs $20.

Draw results for the $1 million and $100,000 prize levels will be announced during the 6:59 p.m. CASH 3 Evening drawing on July 7, 2007. Complete results of the 509 winning raffle numbers will be available on the Georgia Lottery Web site and at Georgia Lottery retailers.

Entry #5

TN play it again drawing July 9

this was on the website today. i have many entries already for the regular $1000 drawing and the $10,000Junior Jumbo Bucks drawing. 

NASHVILLE - There’s still time to register for a chance to win one of 12 cash prizes to be given away in the first “Play it Again!” drawing, which will be held Monday, July 9. The event is part of a new program designed to help the environment while giving Tennessee Lottery players a second chance to win prizes from non-winning instant tickets.

“This is the first program of its kind in the country, and we’re especially excited about this kick-off drawing,” said Rebecca Paul Hargrove. “We’ve had incredible participation and look forward to the evolution of Play it Again!”

Each drawing for Play it Again! will be different. Details about the first drawing are as follows:
•One prize of $20,000 will be drawn from all “Hearts are Wild” ticket entries.
•One prize of $10,000 will be drawn from all “Junior Jumbo Bucks” ticket entries.
•Ten entries will be drawn from a pool of all tickets submitted and each will receive $1,000.
•Deadline for eligible entries will be midnight, Sunday, July 8. Any entry received after the deadline will be entered into the next drawing for which it is qualified.
•Winners will be posted on the Play it Again! website following the drawing and will be notified by the Tennessee Lottery using contact information provided during program registration.

To “Play it Again,” players simply register non-winning instant tickets via the internet ( Then click on the Play it Again! icon … and that’s all there is to it—no need for postage, envelopes, or even to keep the ticket. Once the ticket is registered, the Lottery asks players to dispose of tickets properly. For added convenience, players may register at one of the Lottery’s five district offices in Chattanooga, Johnson City, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville.

Entry #4

Birthday/friends newborn baby

I just got home about 15 minutes ago from the hospital and im so happy for my best friend and his wife about their first child. june 7th is my birthday and it is also my best friends wifes birthday too so now they induced labor a week early and it just so happened that now 3 of us have the same birthday. im single and i have no kids so i get to live vicariously through my best friend because he is so excited about his new bundle of joy. her first and middle name are eleanor claire and she is 6 pounds 3 ounces and she is 18 inches long. she is so cute and has a head full of hair. his wife is doing well and they should all 3 get to go home sunday if the doctors say its ok. i stayed until the nurses told me visitation was over so i got to hold the baby alot and she slept most of the time. i feel like they are truly blessed and i may be blessed to be married with kids oneday in the future but for now i am happy to be here to support my friend and his wife and baby however they need me because they are great people. i turned 29 today and we have been best friends since we were in 8th grade and i was the Best Man at his wedding and he will be the Best Man at mine so its great to see how fast time seems to go by for both of us. we smoked cigars with another friend of his and i hadnt smoked on in a few years and we all had laughs and really enjoyed the great weather we have had here...i purchased tennessee powerball tickets,cash 4 and tennessee lotto 5 tickets before he called me to let me know they were at the hospital...i want to thank everybody again who wished me a happy birthday it was a great day and i really enjoy coming to this site everyday and reading about and talking about the lottery and other topics.


Entry #2
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