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visions while I am awake now? This is too weird. For the last powerball draw I saw all 6 numbers in a vision while -get this- trying to figure out the numbers for the upcoming draw. Thing was, I saw them like they were part of a previous draw. One that took place last year some time. So, naturally, I thought nothing of it other than the possibility of the pb being the same thing as the mb repeating itself. Twitch I have not done that but maybe once or twice and it was different both times from that one. The other times, it was plain to me that those were visions. They were like pressing fast forward on your remote. This one was sneaky and still. Skeptical I don't remember a blur or anything like that. I didn't even know it happened. I thought they were old numbers I was looking at in a history of numbers list.   Bang Head

Could have been the fresh clean air from a camping trip I just came off of with my family that caused me to have it so clearly. We spent three days on the lake. It could not have been any calmer on the lake in the mornings. And the area we were at was beautiful with easy access to get into the water. We did it in style this time, with two tents and blow up mattresses to sleep on. Nothing like good ol' nature to wake up the senses. Too many electric things around me tends to get on my nerves from time to time and I feel the need to get away from it all. Hyper Camping lets me do that. So does hiking, but my family wont go with me for that. No Nod

Yep, I might be peeling on my nose and still sun burnt on my legs and back, but my head is a little clearer.Sun Smiley

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