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Unexpected expectations


    Yes, the lottory is truely random.  I found this out just the other day; rather I should say the truth has beeen re-enforced for the umpteenth time.

    I have been tracking a certain pattern for several weeks now all the while thinking I might be on to something.  Well, that pattern came in last Wednesday night.  All the variables were there.  Yet I did not have the winning numbers.  After due consideration and many, many cups of Waffle House coffee I found my mistake.  And I cried.  My computer program, the one I wrote myself, had a bug, a big bug.  Where's Jack Daniels when you need him!!???

    OK, I told myself. time to re-group and find another direction.  Being ever the optimist I found that "other" direction.

    Now what I am about to write will have absolutely no meaning to them what might read this blog and that is the way it will have to be for the time being.  I am reducing my playing field to the following patterns:




    The total number of lines using the above three patterns sums to 85.   While I do not expect to see any of the above patterns materialize anytime soon I am keeping track of the total number of lines I would have to play until one of the above three patterns arrives.  So, for tonight, July 6, 2007, I would "play" 85 lines.  After tonight, I will update my data base and run the above three patterns again.  I will see new numbers; I will see perhaps less lines, perhaps more lines.  How long I will have to wait until my pattern arrives is anybody's guess.  None of that is the point.  What the point is:  How much will I have invested in Tennessee's P5 game when my pattern does appear?  Will the money investment be something I can afford?  I doubt it.

    Keep your eye on this space.  Chances are another pattern will emerge which I will have to track; another pattern in addition to the three above.  My gremlin is working overtime.

Entry #5


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