Hey, Fluffy9999 here! Okay so fluff did have a mixup on his pick 3 for NY and intended 370 for wed and thurs but had made a mistake and was playing 170. So fluff did play it staight for NY and does post four times here on LOTTERY POST. iT CAME OUT 730 STRAIGHT FOR NY AND FLUFF HAD 370 STRAIGHT! So we should always play BOX AND THEN STRAIGHT TO COLLECT! This happened with DAYS SYSTEM 461 LAST SAT IN NY AND IT CAME IN BOX THERE! So fluff did say in an earlier blog to play 461 combo especially for saturday here in NY! RIGHT NOW FOR NY FLUFF LIKES 2691-2299-2291-2591-8855-6336 BOX FIRST AND THEN STRAIGHT, AND DAYS SYSTEM PICKS 2280-623-777-333 FOR SUNDAY! AS ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFF'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     Right now HOMELESSNESS is a big issue in almost every city in the United States for people and animals. Please be aware of this and how you might help these animals and people down on their luck. Shelters are full here in Upstate NY and the wait list for section 8 housing and applications is backed up for years i hear. this really needs to be a priority for local and state goverment to assist in this matter and PROVIDE SOME KIND OF HOPE FOR ANIMALS AND PEOPLE. A lot of times people's health deteriorates and they are not marketable in the workplace. Fluff believes God is an answer for ALL PEOPLE AND THAT they need to seek the path. If these people had a good check maybe they would find out they have medical conditions and mental outlook that can be improved to make them productive again. PROPERTY TAXES ARE CONTRIBUTORY TO LOW STANDARDS OF LIVING FOR MOST IN NY AND THIS MAKES RENTS TOO HIGH AND CAUSES A LOT OF PROBLEMS FOR PEOPLE IN NY. So with action and prayer let us move toward a solution FOR ALL. PLEASE DONATE FOOD AND ANIMALS SUPPLIES TO LOCAL ANIMAL RESCUE SHELTER AND PEOPLE SHELTERS. KEEP GIVING AND HELPING. Please PETITION YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES TO PASS MEASURES FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING TO HELP PEOPLE WHO NEED IT.

     Best Wishes ALWAYS from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady=Gray and the B-Crew!

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Any thoughts for Florida

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