HEY PEOPLE, FLUFFY9999 HERE! Ok so Fluff hope EVERYONE IS DOING WELL! Now for NY fluff likes 777,888,000 and for his Frequenscy picks he likes 3333-3331-1331-3636-1294-2222-1373 and big time on 4576 straight/box. 3366 and 1924 are DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS FOR THE WEEKEND AS IS 4576. Tonight fluff likes DAYS SYSTEM 778, 777 AND 320, 3200 AND 1290.HOT PICK FOR NY IS 4576. FREQUENCY PICK 2791 CAME OUT AS 2719 ON JUNE 16 EVENING HERE IN NY! I believe i had this listed at some point either as picks or here on the blogs! Fluff has to do his Freqency picks for pick 3 and then he will let you know! As always keep up to date on Fluffs Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     As per his previous blog Fluff does not work well with medical people. They are naive to think they have a total approach to healing without herbals in thier healing plan. Doctors do not make you feel like you can get healed because they are hung up on tests which show nothing substantial. Fluff makes doctors worry more than they worry him. He is confident is his ability to be his own doctor. Fluff has to have his system up and running at all times, have full energy, and dependability. Fluff is very physical and works out every day doing something. He is back to competiting and will be in a Vintage Trials event here in August in Upstate NY. As he gets back in the groove he will be moving up and also plans to compete in NETA Trials events here in NY. Fluff rides one of his bikes all year and did ride his TL-125 on the ice and snow around his home! He did also ride this bike on Watervliet reservoir on the ice in 1974 with his cousin and it was a unique and interesting experienced, somewhat strange. As always look up at the sun and feel the warmth of the sun on your face and LET US ALL BE CAREFREE, HAPPY, INNOCENT, YOUNG CHILDREN IN THE SUN!

     Best wishes to all ALWAYS from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

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