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     Fluffy9999 HERE!  Ok so how is everyone doing? Fluff hopes all is well with everyone out there! So the big news is THE MEGA DRAWING with a jackpot of 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS! So what to do? Fluff suggests playing your favorite pool numbers and making a wheel with all of them and adding a few quick picks! Play 10 or 20 dollars max for this one and NEVER SPEND MONEY YOU DO NOT HAVE AND GO OVERBOARD! For NY Pick 3 Fluff likes 461-441-443 and of course DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS 808-711-116-118! For pick 4 3366,5588, and 2280 for the weekend especially for NY! 1974 came out here in NY midday today and this is one of Fluff's  pool numbers! Fluff has to recalculate his frequency system and will let you know what he comes up with for NY! As always keep up to date on Fluffy9999's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

    Fluff is sorry he has not been blogging regularly. He has a lot of committments and this is Summer up here in NY so he is really busy! Fluff has interests in quite a few businesses and also is riding in a Vintage Trials Event this weekend here in Upstate NY. Fluff got back into riding and he was a champion when he was 14 years old. So right now Fluff is 12 hours in with riding time and is doing well at 61 years of age. His body is in good shape as he is very physically active. He has had problems with workboots as he is wearing them out in 4 to 6 months so he just bought a Timberland pair of workboots and is hoping they last longer. Actually he purchased them online as returns and the price is really good, plus they are easier to break in. Paying the full shot of 150 dollars really is not worth it, especially considering the beating they take. Fluff has a pair of older motorcycle Trials boots at the repair shop and will have those to use soon. Fluff wears footwear out fast because he is active in all four seasons up here in NY and the weather takes a toll on them. Fluff eats a mainly vegetarian diet with supplements and eats good fruits and vegatables like berries and strawberries every day! Take really good care of your eyes and skin as when you hit late fifties and sixties a lot of folks are losing their sight. So take those high quality specialty supplements for EYES and eat your blueberries and bilberry yogurt and eat vegetarian for BRAIN HEALTH and keep active and moving! OFF -ROAD MOTORCYCLING is a great workout like not other and riding trials is great fun and always a challenge! If you are a new rider proceed cautiously until you get a feel for riding and handling the bike. A lot of people get really injured as they are exceeding their skill level. Off-road motorcycling is a demanding sport physically and mentally but if it is in your blood you need to get to it! 

     Best Wishes ALWAYS TO ALL from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady-Gray and the B-Crew!

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