Fluffy9999's NY Lottery Outlook...


     Hey Fluffy9999 here!  Ok so fluff has picked out a few numbers that look pretty good for a play! They are for NY and they are 791 and 047! Fluff is recommending A TROLLING PLAY with 222,2888 and 9999 for NY! No have some patience as they could take a while with the pick 4 numbers but they pay BANK! You would get 600 with the 2888 on a fifty cente box and 2500 with 50 cents straight on 9999! the above pick 3 COULD BRING SOME CASH SOON! So AS ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE ON FLUFFY9999'S PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     Fluff is on a natural approach for his dental care and is using a natural flouride-free toothpast called JASON SEAFRESH and he also has a German toothpaste called Bioniq! He started using them about 6 months ago and has no pain or sensitivity issues as they have gone away. Flouride Fluff believes hurts your gums and causes gums to have problems. Always use a soft brush brush up and down LIGHTLY! Rinsing with a salt solution can further help your gums. Fluffs teeth have never felt better and he hopes you join him for better dental health! Also using a digestive enzyme supplement and eating fibre like salad and raisan bran will further help your teeth and whole body.

     BEST WISHES TO ALL from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady-Gray and the B-crew!

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