Swollen feet & ankles



The past 3 or 4 years my feet and ankles got increasingly worse with swelling. Got to where they would not go down at all. Used the socks and leg wraps that did not do much at all.

I also sit a lot which cuts off capillary flow. Try to be more active which is hard to do with a bad hip, back and arthritis. Have been busy the last couple months working 2,3 or 4 hours a day remodeling the living room.  Give a rundown on what I have been doing in the living room on another blog post. The job drags out when needing a cane and crutch to get around. That activity got me off my ass and moving around. Still working on it.

I was to my primary care doctor around March or April and I asked her what was causing the swelling. She said the capillaries decrease in size preventing full flow of fluid. I got home and was thinking about it and decide to look up what would open up the capillaries. I found different types of foods, spices and teas that clean out capillaries.

Added those items to my diet on a daily basis intake. Since starting on those foods and spices my feet and ankles have lost about 70% of their fluid.

Green tea, hot pepper sauce, garlic powder, beets, walnuts, celery among other items.

You can find listings on the Internet that clean out capillaries.

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Avatar jarasan -
What about a diuretic like Lasix?
Avatar noise-gate -
* Jap- couldn't help overhearing: My Grandfather had the same thing. One solution that worked for him: Stationary bike.  Given your " lots of sitting" situation, give it a go. He would do 30- 45  min in the morning & freewheel in the pm. You got to get those legs moving J. Which is why the elderly take up swimming etc.
* All the 👌 best!
Avatar JAP69 -
Avatar sully16 -
You might want to consider foods that cause inflammation, sugar, wheat flour, processed food.
I stopped eating those things and I feel better. Miss my bacon thought.
Avatar noise-gate -
Additional imfo Jap: If a stationary bike is kinda expensive in your neck of the woods, go for the " mini cycle " they ran one about $30-$40 a piece on Ebay. Perfect to having it under your desk as you " peddle away." Grandpa uses both.
Avatar lakerben -
Did the doctor check for diabetes?   I've had the same thing and I go to the VA Tuesaday they want to check my heart.
Avatar JAP69 -
Nov 10, 2023, 11:07 pm
I get a complete blood and urine testing done when I go to the primary doctor.
Avatar lakerben -
I do the same, but the doctors want to send me cardiology. Hopefully everything us good.
Accupuncture  helped alot with my swollen ankles.

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