American Religious Heritage Freedom Granted By Contitution



Our American  Bill of  Rights the First  Amendment by our founding Christian Fathers guarantees our Freedom of Religious practice from the government control  and not  by any  means  to do away with Christianity in our government .Just examine our currency, what does it say on it
"In God we trust."  Why do we swear on the Bible during all our court trials ?
Why all Presidents and our judges sworn in on Bible? Why does our congress open  with a allegiance prayer
Christianity is a state of mind and soul 
Why does our government grant Christmas as a national holiday and raise a live traditional Christmas tree every December 25th?
Nota Bene:
It's most interesting that when there prayers in school and pledge of allegiance in schools we didn't have our children stomped to death by little thugs.Our children knew what gender they were.
Police were not required daily and that wasn't ancient history, was it?
Christianity is very easy for those who have LOVE in their hearts 
Think about it- our great country built on free protected choices and not chances.
e-pluribus unum
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e-pluribus unum
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