Living room remodel finished



My daughter helped me with it when time was available for her.

Living room work done: 190 sq ft

Moved out furniture with help from my daughter & granddaughter. They done most of it.

Put down sheets of stain block on floor,

Daughter steamed and scraped off popcorn on ceiling. I finished final scrapping on ceiling. Done drywall repairs on ceiling mudding blemishes. I painted on kilz 2 primer and sealer. applied final coat of semi gloss paint.

Washed walls, mudded blemishes, removed baseboard and painted walls semi gloss. Sanded and repainted baseboard semi gloss.

Scraped, sanded and painted window with semi gloss paint, replaced window lock.

Purchased new front door with frame. Painted door and frame prior to installation. My daughter and I removed front door and replaced with new one with new interior casing.

Painted archway jamb and casing.

Removed carpet and installed new  flooring.  Pergo - XP Anndel oak laminate wood flooring from Home Depot.
Works quite nicely on concrete slab. Made special divider strip for archway transition between two different floors and special end finish strip next to front door stained and polyed to match floor.

Replaced baseboard with new shoe molding.

Daughter replaced furniture with some light help from me for what I could lift.

So with the help of my daughter and me working daily on  it 2 to 5 hours a day it took 9  weeks.Took me about 5 times as long to do something being held back by arthritis and bad hip. 

Got to stay active or I will lose muscle strength.

All total it took a fair amount of money just for material and supplies.

Glad it is done

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Avatar jarasan -
Nice!! Congrats!

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