Hey, Fluffy9999 HERE! Fluff certainly hopes all is well with everyone out there! So yesterday Fluff posted his ALL STATE PICKS and 4 of them came in Yesterday including NY!  Fluff hit 461-586-4567-2280 across the US and hit 2280 boxed here in NY! Now Fluff does play 2280 every Sunday and most of the time monday and tuesday but started playing early as DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS HAVE BEEN COMING OUT EARLY! This number for NY really should be played sat, Sunday, mon and tues for NY and All States! NOW DO NOT FEEL BAD IF YOU MISSED THIS ONE AS THIS IS THE SECOND TIME FLUFF MISSED IT BY A HALF A DAY! Yes I always play 2280 str and boxed Sunday along with 623 animal numbers of mine, Last time it hit in NY which was couple months ago I played monday and forgot to put it back in for tues and missed it by a half a day! You do not know how many time Fluff missed 254 mon to wed here in NY! Fluff always plays 461 fri and sat, 2280 sunday to tues religiously! Two-hundred dollars on a fifty-cent bet is pretty good! Now one time Fluffs brother had 2280 for sat midday and hit it in NY! Fluff did recently hit 461-222- 461 back a while and has collected many times on his DAYS SYSTEM PICKS! They come in all the time! Fluff is of course playing 2280 through tuesday and 254 mon to wed! Please do not play too many numbers! You should not play more that 3 numbers each night if you play every day. A great way to play is YOUR LUCKY DAYS AND OF COURSE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TICKET OR TWO FOR THE BIG-JACKPOT LOTTERIES! As always keep up to date of FLUFFYS PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS!

     Best of Luck always to ALL from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

Entry #682


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