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     Hey, Fluffy9999 here! Fluffy certainly hopes all is well with everyone out there! When troubled turn to Prayer and help will come for all! Fluffy9999 WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS BELIEVED IN HIS LOTTERY TECHNIQUES AND HAS FOLLOWED HIS COLUMN! Fluff is nearing the HALF-MILLION HITS MARK ON HIS BLOG AND IS SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU WHO COME HERE AND READS HIS INFO AND BELIEVES IN THE DAYS SYSTEM and Fluffys numbers picking techniques! Right now for monday ALL STATES FLUFF LIKES 254,253,320 for monday tuesday and wednesday! For pick-4 ALL STATES fluff likes 2280,1920,1010 and 6371! 1920 HIT NY A FEW WEEKS AGO AND DAYS SYSTEM FOLLOWERS PICKED UP A HIT WITH THAT ONE! For tues 777, all 77 numbers and the pairs are in favor and 222 the sames for wednesday ALL STATES! 9999 in play all the time in NY and 2888 for friday and sat! Animal number 320 for tuesday and add-up numbers 628 and 257 for thursday! 1230 an ALL STATES PLAY FOR FRIDAY!  As always keep up to date on Fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     BEST WISHES ALWAYS from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady-Gray and the B-Crew!

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