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lotto purchases today



we need to start the revolution now and free me from my bills. remember the revolution will not be televised. i am a low key kind of guy.


I AM SO HUMBLE IN YOUR PRESENCE AND I ALWAYS KEEP THINKING ABOUT POSTING. THINGS HAVE BEEN (whoops forgot cap locks was on) real hard around my house. it was looking real ugly and i may get uglier before it gets better. i went 3 weeks with no work but i kept going on and i didn't file for unemployment like i did in the past. i wanted to make it without getting that money. i wanted to make more money than what i could get from the state.

well things did shine my way two fold but i am still in the hole. i got a full time job that is temp to perm and i really really really hope they like me because i want to go perm. i want a home to stay at and work at what i like to do. my second job was the one i worked so hard at to get just in case i was in between contracts. well i can still do that but i can only do it one day a week and that one day is sunday. so mondays i am beat down real hard. i have been working every day since 7/29/07 and still have to go 2 more days before i get a day off. i have a little job that calls me up for real short term projects. so on my last day off i ended up working and going straight through until now.

i have to do this because i am not traveling like i use to travel and i am not getting the money i am used to getting. so i hope they are happy with me. i am more than happy with them and if i ever get unhappy with them i will make myself happy with them. i want to stay at this place 10 or more years or maybe until they turn me out to pasture. lol. then i will work my second job 20 hours a week. so i just have to dig myself out this financial hole.

ok. yes i have kept playing the lotto but by the skin of my teeth. barely barely playing just to keep in the loop. managing to keep in the chase for the mega and power and the washington lotto. i keep managing to scrape some money together to keep it going. it would be nice if i won a big prize about now. especially since mega is 105 million and power is 141 million. oh would that pay off some bills. my lovely wife could leave her job and stay home. OH YES I JUST CELEBRATED 25 YEARS WITH THIS LOVELY WOMAN I CALL MY WIFE. I AM SO GLAD SHE PUTS UP WITH ME. :)  we should be in santa barbara california redoing our vows. she so deserves it.

well let me go back. way back. way back to almost when i did my last post. so forgive me if i don't get it all right. just too busy and too broke to up date this while looking for work.

i managed to get some wa lotto tickets. i got 2 separate tickets for 2 drawings at 2 dollars a piece. one had my standard picks i pick with all the time and the other was a quick pick ticket. well they were both losers. hmmm sounds a familiar ring to that. lol

 Danceoh my goodness it is a rare appearence of the dancing blue man. he finally returns to dance me through the tulips. yeah he can dance and he dances like ellen degeneres does on her show. lol.

i managed to get the washingto lottery to give me a winning ticket finally. i even came out ahead. Thudoh let me get up again and again. i played a one dollar ticket for three drawings with my regular numbers and i hit twice. i double my money and won six dollars. hmmm i like that ring. cha ching.

Bananamy goodness here is mister blue's friend. that can only mean that i won again. yes i did. i won again. my long term mega ticket came due and i won a whopping 2 dollars off a 10 dollar ticket. looks like a loss to me. my it is a loss to me but i won some of my money back and others don't even do that. so it is a win to me. a win is a win is a win.

as i am pulling out these tickets to write up what has been happening to me. i found out latest wa lotto ticket expired this past monday. i didn't realize that but i really didn't have the money for it. i did make sure i got me a mega million ticket that is going to expire this friday. i get my pay check tomorrow and i will be going and getting me a wa lotto ticket and maybe overlap my mega million ticket and get another 10 draw ticket. i could use that hundred million. i would get me some new speakers for my pc so i could listen to daft punk without the bass going in and out. this band came to my city and i forgot about them coming here. hell it wouldn't have mattered because i was broke like a joke. i was broke busted and couldn't be trusted. bad enough to make a preacher cuss.

so i will keep going down this road of life one step at a time. one mile at a time,

wow wait a minute. i forgot one more thing in the lotto world. i have a powerball ticket going to be purchased for me again from my friend in south carolina. i just thought i hope that check goes through. sigh. i will cross my finger and it will go through because she is going to deposit that check. i should emai her. ok i will. i am good for the money.

anyway i need to stop. i have gone on for a long time this time. the music is bumping and so am i. i will try to get in here on a more timely manner since my life is starting to settle down. settle down life is what i want to say. ok i am audi.

mister power and mister mega you can take me away from the work world if you want. i think you want to take me away from the work world. as always mister power and mister mega. i am your boy.





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