Fluffy9999"s Memorial thoughts...


     Hey, Fluffy9999 here. Ok so Fluff got notified by my good friend that his wife, my good friend had passed away this past Sunday morning. Fluff was not ready for this. Fluff is still dealing with this tremendous loss as it was a loss for family and friends which she had a lot. Dorothy had a lot of health challenges as we all do and she carried a lot of burdens like severe Rhumatoid Arthiritis. She was incredibly strong, a wonderful Christian Lady with a long-time husband John and wonderful family and friends. Fluffy got to know her and her husband while they live in Upstate NY about a dozen years ago. Fluff has never had two such WONDERFUL friends like Dot and John. The Good Lord looked down upon us and brought us together. For Fluffy he believes that losing a friend never really gets any better just farther away. But as Fluffs Christian faith promises we will be together with our loved ones people, pets and animals again!

     As always please take the time to visit with your Family often and do not take anything for granted as things can happen unfortunately. Put time every day into your Prayer Life and HE will always be there when you need to talk with HIM and will help you. Let us savor every day, be light and free and happy! Let us walk happily in the sun and look up and warm our face and body and LET US ALL BE CAREFREE, INNOCENT, YOUTHFUL CHILDREN IN THE SUN!

     BEST WISHES ALWAYS TO ALL from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

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