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     Hey Fluffy9999 HERE!  Okay so Fluffy hopes EVERYONE out there is doing okay! A while back Fluff added 7890 to Fluffy9999's Days System and it did come out this past Sunday as 7908 midday here in NY! Also Fluff has companion numbers for most of the Days System plays! So today is tuesday and Days System plays include 320, 777, 77 front and back pairs and any 77 number such as 770,771,772, etc. Pick 4 plays include must play 1920 and 1010 and 6371 a good no-match play! For wed is 222 and all the same with pairs and 220, 221,etc as well as pick 4 plays 1978 and 0202! Thurs is 628 and 629, 257 like that and you could start Friday numbers 461,451,431 etc. Keep in mind no match ADD-UP NUMBERS ARE ALWAYS IN PLAY and you may want to add 235 and also 431 and 451 for thurs, fri and sat! Always play your favorite sets of numbers for the big lotteries a couple of times a week. Here in NY you get two plays for a DOLLAR WITH NY LOTTO! How can you beat that? For 50 cents a play you get a chance at millions of dollars! You can get 10 plays for 5 dollars which is great and the NY Lotto is drawn twice a week on wed and sat! As always keep up to date of Fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     Just a word about worrying. The best time of day to worry is during the day. Don't worry in the evening because combined with it being dark out and going to bed this is the worst. Things seem better in the light of day. And you need to get your sleep to stay in good shape. Always seek out herbal treatment and be your own advocate for your health and your loved ones. On the bigger picture the earth has entered into the SIXTH GREAT MASS EXTINCTION with high levels of animal species going extinct in a short period of time. There has been 5 great mass extinction level events in earth's history that we know of, yes that we are aware of. A high population, deforestation and a drain on the food supply has resulted on a lot of stress on the Ecosystem. Well when Mother Earth has had enough we will know about it. GOD CONTROLS ALL. Man does  not move THE HAND OF GOD. I stay close to the Lord and TRUST IN HIM. The earth could have hundreds of years left for all anyone knows. But time in a sense is growing short.

     Best Wishes Always from Fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Gray and the B-Crew!

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