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Me and my Mickey Mouse tee...


spy153 Oregon Pick 4 10pm Straight + 24-Way Box 2-5-7-9 2-5-7-9 $2,600

Oregon is quickly becoming my favorite p4 state. Hurray!

On another note, Powerball played a mean trick with my bday numbers.   Disapprove The winning numbers were 12-15-28-31-50- and pb 12.   My bday numbers, as many astute players would probably know already, equal my birthday 12-15-1969 with an age that is not my age now as the pb. But 12 is the age i had the most fun. THat is okay, because one day soon, standing in line for my tickets to one of these jackpots, me and my Mickey Mouse tee, I will purchase the winning ticket. Wink Why then? At that moment? I don't know. All I know is it will happen. I even know who's bday numbers I will be playing when I win. Can't share them, sorry.

BTW, I SEE YOU GUYS THERE IN YOUR SWIVEL CHAIRS , wearing your black rimmed glasses ! Sandy blonde hair on one of you. There are two of you. The one with the sandy blonde hair and glasses is wearing blue jeans and a button up long sleeve shirt, pin-stiped, white with blue lines. I guess it is cold in your office? I don't think this is really an office. I get the feeling you are very comfortable there.   Very nice system guys. Very nice. If only the rest of the world knew,huh? Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. There is no reason they need to know. What is the large glass for? Why are you seperated from the screens? Oh, the decisions....I know this is a funny thing to say, but you will understand if I say you have a northern look to you.Green laugh

Problem is, I don't know which pot it will be.   But they are both pretty up there now, so it doesn't matter. I get the feeling it is mega millions. But I could be wrong about that one. There are some disappointing things that have to happen in my life before I can win, though. I hear it is in progress now. I have even received word that a date has been given for something that could be devastating to me and my family if I didn't know what was a little further down the road. On sept. 1st, my hubby's company will be shutting down operations in the coal mines he is working in now. Usually, they would just move the men to another of the company's many mines. The men don't know it yet, and this is the first time I would have mentioned it in public, but there will be layoffs. My hubby included. I have a rough time to get through before we win. I hate being broke! I have had to do that before. It is very hard on a person not knowing how you will pay for your bills. According to my "dreams, " I will not be able to pay the important bills like the electric bill and so forth even though we would still have some money coming in. I don't think we will be starving. So, it isn't likely that I will have an internet connection either. According to my dream, we will only have to bear it for two little weeks. I don't foresee any reason that my utilities should be cut off then. I have paid all of my bills up to date. But for some reason, they try to cut off my electric a few weeks before the draw. Maybe they get me mixed up with someone else? There is another detail about the actual win itself, I am leaving out because I am hoping it will not happen. And yet another, that I will not share because certain folk could hinder that from coming true. They are important ones that have to be., like it or not.   

I haven't had but one little dream in connection with that one in a long time. I seen what my daughter is wearing when she finds out we won. With no influence from me, because I don't discuss my dreams with my family, my daughter bought that outfit for one of her school clothes. Yeah, she didn't own that outfit at the time. It is pretty odd, too. Pretty. But not one I would think my daughter would pick up. But she did. It is a polka dot baby doll style top and she wears it with rather loose fitting jeans that she rolls up to her knees to make them look like capris.   She didn't own the shoes either, they are black with blue lining. See? Odd. None of the outfit matches, either. The shirt is dark blue with white polka dots and the shoes have a royal blue lining around black.   I could go on and on. But none of that is important.

Having these dreams scare me---so I prayed not to have them anymore. I have had really bad dreams. How would you like to see terrible things that you could do nothing about? Yes, I have seen things before they happen, but couldn't do anything about them. Like some small children killed by their abusive father and buried by the roadside. They found the children, but not the killer. I Knew what he looked like, but so did the police, so I would not have been any use because that is all I knew. And the sago mines survivor. I told him to breathe. I felt his suffering. It was horrible. I often wonder, too, if those people see me? I wonder if they know I was there in the spirit? A man who got killed while hang gliding. It was reported on the news the next day. A woman on a plane that went down the next day. All these people live far off from me. Why then, do I have these dreams if I can do nothing about them? So I prayed for no more. Neither past nor present nor future., I prayed for no more of those dreams. "Unless it is something good," I thought. But even those are too much for me now. I just don't want to know about them if I can't help.

Sorry for the long post.   I had to get this stuff out there.

Entry #49


SeekerComment by Seeker - August 20, 2007, 3:46 pm
Hi Spy153 I feel your pain...I too have dreams....Hope you win that mega million though...
SeekerComment by Seeker - August 20, 2007, 3:46 pm
Hi Spy153 I feel your pain...I too have dreams....Hope you win that mega million though...

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