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lotto purchases today



Dancebailar mi hermano azul. oh yeah i like it like that!! especially when i win. i hit powerball again. powerball likes me and i like it.

the state i talk bad about all the time gave me another winner. one more time i win close to home and not far away.

i have changed my tactics to get me lotto tickets. i wait till someone is going out of state and then i just swing by and see if they will get me a ticket. if not i just get the money back and thank them profusely. i tried this with this guy going to phoenix but he forgot and just gave me back the money. i could have 2 dollars in the drawing for tonight and not one.

my ticket from south carolina is in transit and i hope it gets here safely. it could be worth 300 million dollars. right now it is before the drawing for powerball and it 300 million and megamillion is going to be worth 250 million. can you believe it for this moment there is a half a billion up for grabs in lottery winnings. wow. holy chingaza. half a billion.

well i am hoping no one wins tonight and it goes for a new record!!!! i hope it goes to 400 million or higher. it would be something to see it hit 500 million by itself. wow.

i broke down and went to my local joint and bought a 4 drawing ticket for megamillion for this week and beyond. so now i have 2 dollars in for the next 4 draws. i could use 250 million. funny when i went to get my ticket there was no line at all. i mean no one. THAT IS MORE FOR ME!!!

well i need to get back to my lotto purchases and stop dreaming. by the way there is nothing wrong with dreaming. i dreamed about this job i have and i love it and i hope they love me.

work is keeping me from posting as often as i did before but here is what i recall.

i lost on a 3 drawing wa lotto ticket and then i bought a 10 drawing 2 dollar ticket. i had two sets of my old numbers and 2 sets of quick picks.

i lost on a 20 draw south carolina ticket and i had another one purchased for me and it is in transit. i hope it is has a safe journey here.

i told you about the win in oregon on powerball. i played 1 dollar for 4 drawings and one 7 dollars. hmmm a little profit. i didn't have the money for the powerplay. if i had the powerplay i would have won 35 dollars on 8. oh well. i am happy i won. Banana

i purchased a 4 drawing 1 dollar ticket for mega million. i alredy had a 10 drawing ticket but what the hell.

right now i could use the 2nd place prize on mega or powerball. i had to tell the daughter i couldn't pay for one of her classes at college. just didn't have the money. i am working 6 days a week now and i still don't have enough for what i want. at least she is still in college and will have to rearrange what classes she will take. that thousand dollar i won went fast when you have BILLS LIKE I DO!!

ok the last thing and then i am out of here.

i was in a hotel room for the first time in a few months. i left head line news on tv all night as i slept. i kept hearing stories about the lottery on the news and figured the pots were up again. i got the remote and changed to CNN and lo and behold. there was a long segment on powerball with the director from washington DC. the reporter was in a DC suburb and he bought a mega ticket and told the on air announcers this ticket was for the two of them. i was grinning as they were joking back and forth.

well wish me luck and wish you luck and wish my friend weshar some extra good luck!!! now if you win can you help a brother out.


mister power thank you for shining down on me with the win and mister power i am still waiting for a little light from you. as always your devoted fan!!!

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