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Some lottery thoughts.


Last Edited: August 27, 2007, 5:20 pm

I guess that due stats can stay due for a very long time.

So far on the last post only 2 due patterns came out, a boxed winning number today at noon and 3 numbers out of the chosen eight, but 3 out of 8 is no great thing and they were not even the most due ones to come out soon.

So far only the 8 most due digits out of the 10 have shown to have any value out of those due patterns.


I must say that the update features of LotSoft have major problems.

The manual update, that is the update of 1 draw at a time as it is on Lotsoft is very basic, primitive (Antique) and super-slow I have tested other programs and the manual update of Lotsoft is as bad as it gets.

As to the draws import option, it just does not work at all, it makes double entries on the database, that is multiple entries that have the same date on them such as:

8/20/07    8    5    5   
8/20/07    5    1    4   

8/21/07    6    5    4   
8/21/07    6    4    4

8/22/07    7    7    9   
8/22/07    7    3    2
8/23/07    4    9    5   
8/23/07    9    8    7
8/24/07    8    4    0   
8/24/07    7    5    9

8/25/07    8    1    4   
8/25/07    5    2    3

That makes updating with it, useless.

I have tried and tried many times and draws just don't import right it is very bad and for older Lotsoft versions it used to be even worse than that


Another problem is that past draws can't be limited to a particular amount of set past draws as an option.

The past draws database just keeps on growing more and more, this makes updating the stats very very slow.

A given set amount of constant past draws to always have is best and as new draws are added to the draws' database the equivalent amount of past draws should be automatically deleted by the program, that is each person should have the option of doing this is they want to and they should be able to set the limit themselves, the limit should be independent for each state and day draw as for some day draws you might want a different amount of past draws than for others.


As to the stats, they are very very good, maybe there should be a way for people to make or have some "Graphic" or picture stats also, either with the program itself or the program kind of connected with Excel in some way maybe as to export such stats to it.

That reminds me to say that perhaps it should be made compatible with "Open Office" and not just Excel.

Also all stats should be able to copy and paste to Note and or WordPad either as text, doc and or as rtf files.

And of course there should be a way to print them also if a person want to do so.


The next might be harder to do, but I think that a few lottery programs allow for the creation by a person of "CUSTOM" filters including but not limited to what I have called before "Compound Filters" .

A sort of special wizard or way(s) of doing this would be good to have.


Maybe there is something else, but I forgot.

That might be all of that for now.


I have so little time now-days and I would like to do a lot of testing using past draws as I no longer know what might work and what not for making predictions.


I never cared too much for due stats as the results were never too good, some patterns sometimes come out and others don't.

A lot of testing is always needed. 



Entry #145


LANTERNComment by LANTERN - August 27, 2007, 6:38 pm
It going to be a long way back, with my more limited time now-days and much lower energy level.
A lot of study and testing will be needed and of course time.
And dozens of test predictions and stats.
BadgerComment by Badger - August 28, 2007, 4:00 pm
Manual update with LotSoft? Just wondering why your don't use the "Live Update" feature. I use it daily and it zips right through all the Pick 3 games and updates them in a jiffy.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - August 29, 2007, 3:48 pm
with manual update you can try some special techniques, but I won't talk about that, that has to do with the draws that you input into the program.

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