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Do you Remember?


That fatefull morning, I had overslept. I was late to work. My wife had rushed down to Ga Southern University the night before to personally beat her daughter back into submission for geting a tongue piercing. Oh yes, Daughter had decided to go with her friends and as a few got tattoos, she got herself a tongue piercing. Now mind you, she is the same one who would not get a normal ear piercing and to this day, still will not.

Anyway, as I said, I was late that day. I had jumped in my car and was tearing down highway 78 and I noticed not a single automobile on the road. Both planes had already hit, but I didn't know about it. All I knew was that the roads was eerily empty. I traveled for nearly 10 miles without seeing another automobile.

Thats when I turned the radio on, to find out what I assumed to be a bad accident somewhere to stop all traffic. This is a primary road between Atlanta and Athens, it's never empty, even at night. Thats when I heard the voice on the radio ask "are we at war and if we are, who are we at war with?"

And my selfish mind thought and I spoke aloud "I just over slept, why the hell are we at war"?

Yes, I was serious with what I said. I merely assumed an exaggeration. The last time something horrible happened was the OK City bombing. It was a home grown terrorist. One of our own extremists. There were no secrets, hell, I knew a few myself. Most that I knew were mostly beer drinking whiners who didn't want to accept personally responsibility for their own actions. Nor could they coordinate something as simple as a beer run. So it couldn't have possibly been them.

When I got to work, no one cared I was late. Instead, all eyes were focused on the constant replay of the airplanes flying into the buildings. First one, then the other. A few times in slow motion, then again at normal speed. As incredible as it had appeared to be a stunt, the realization that it was real was a horrifying and intentional act soon set in. My wife called to tell me how the Fighter jets were flying formation around former President Carter's residence down in Plains and for most part, the area where she was were temperaly closed for a few hours. A few gas stations attempted to price guage by bumping the price of gas to $20 a gallon, until the Governor stated that there would be fines and jail time for anyone who were caught doing so.

Later, we learned that my Wife has a Cousin and his son who are stock brokers that just happen their office was the TOP floor of one of the buildings. I don't remember which one. That fateful morning, they decided to have a second cup of coffee. Perhaps it was fate, who knows. It took them 3 days to get home to their family. But at least they were safe.

Honestly, for me, during the first Gulf War and at the time, I was afraid there would be a mandatory call to the military. No, I had never served in the military. Nor would I run away from doing so. My brother somewhat discouraged me from joining. He had served in the Army during Vietnam. The only benefit he gets is a free drivers license. I would have served and I would have went where ever I was told, but honestly, the thought scares the crap out of me.

Today, I support the efforts of our Soldiers and their families. Sometimes, I am not sure who sacrafices more, the Soldier or the Family. A while back, I chatted with a young Lady who was strongly against the war and the President and carried a very simplistic view that the world should just barricade that portion of the world up and let them fight amongst themselves. Then she told me how she thought it was so unfair that her Father had to go over there to defend the rights of so many who seemed to just not care. The thought makes a tear come to my eyes now just remembering the conversation we had.

She is right, sadly, she is right. But our Soldiers and their families continue to sacrafice everything so that people like me can sit comfortably. So people like me can whine about gas prices and how all this "mess" has caused so much financial grief for ourselves. But she is right, it's not fair that they give their life for us to be able to complain so easily.

And no, I will never forget. And yes, if asked, I will serve this Country I call my own. A Country that accepted me and allowed me in to be a Citizen. I am an American and I appreciate all that those before me have done to give me the rights I enjoy today. And I honor all those individuals and their families who sacrafice so much for me to be here today.

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csfbComment by csfb - September 11, 2007, 9:52 pm
Well said, Sir Metro. I, too, remember. Was getting ready for work when I got a call from my sister. She asked me what I was doing and to turn on the TV which I did. I was in time to see a picture of a plane flying through a very tall building and bursting into flames. That picture is permanently etched in my mind. For some two months I just kept crying and was very depressed. No sir, I couldn't function at all.

I too, am a proud American by choice. There's a lot to be thankful for. I honor those brave men and women, heroes of 9/11.
jarasanComment by jarasan - September 11, 2007, 9:53 pm
Americans have been sacrificing for a couple hundred years now, not only for Americans but also for countless millions others, I will fight and defend this great nation to the death. Never forget and never give up.

The people "over there" do appreciate what we are doing.
justxploringComment by justxploring - September 12, 2007, 2:44 am
Tuesday was the day my boss had his cub scout meeting in the early evening so I was able to sleep late since I covered the store for him. I got a call about 9:15 saying "turn on the TV" When I got to work, my boss and I hugged. (He drowned 3 months ago.) Nobody came into the store all day until about 3.   One of the flight attendants on Flight 93, Cee Cee Lyles, lived in Fort Myers where I was working.

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