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lotto purchases today



First i want to say hang in their weshar. things are hard and life makes it harder sometimes. so just hang in there bro.

i feel i am turning a corner for myself but i keep getting slapped in the face pretty hard. this week was a real hard blow. man it was real depressing. i slogged through it with my wife. i am the happy one all the time but man i got kicked in the guts. what can you do but keep going forward. i bother you with the details because you probably went through the same thing.

i got 2 offers to go back on the road again for more money than i am making now by a bunch. sigh. still i want to stay home or at least in my state. i just want to do leisure travel like others do. i need to hit the lotto again and this time for 6 figures. man that would help out my situation. i would go from devastating to good.

one last whine and then onto my purchases. cold is coming to the northwest and i have a heater that does not work. i have no money to get it to work. we are going to have to do some kind of magic to get some heat in this house. so sad. still i am staying home.

anyway i did buy some lotto tickets. i spent a dollar on a one dollar mega million ticket and it was a loser. i got paid and i got my usual 1 dollar 10 drawing wa mega ticket.

my sister in law crapped out on me and didn't get my tickt the way i wanted it. she had the nerve to tell me she got me one and it was a loser. she didn't even know what i wanted. she just got herself one. wench!

i got a leisure trip lined up for this weekend and i am going to pick me up a PA powerball  ticket and a NY mega million ticket. i don't think i will be doing anything else purchase wise. i am just realizing how broke i am. i need to stop paying bills like i have money and slow down.

now if mister mega and mister power can givee a six or seven figure win i will be a happy camper and go away from the work world.


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