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lotto purchases today NOT


i didn't get a lotto ticket since i last posted but i wanted to stop in here and tell some news.

when things are at their darkest sometimes things do change for you. my bank account is in the negative right now and i am waiting on my check to go in to cover a few bills that came in and put me in the negative.

 using that as a set up i like to watch football at this local bar i got to all the time. i am sitting  with my friend and in walks an old timer who doesn't come anymore. we exchanged pleasantries and he wasn't interested in watching my NEW YORK JETS PLAY. after that game i went to sit with him because he wanted to by me a meal. i only had money for 2 orange juices that i was going to squeeze for all day. he not only bought me a meal he bought me another juice. i don't drink alcohol.

he had asked me earlier what happened to my cell phone and i flat out told him i didn't have the money to turn it back on until next week. so this must have been on his mind. out the blue he offered me 100 dollars and i didn't have to pay him back. my mouth just hit the floor. here i am planning a trip for work and having to figure out where to but dollar tv dinners to nuke in my room. i could now at least have a decent meal while on the road. he made my day i mean like wow. i have done things for him in the past to help him out. now he was just returning the favor. so i am in my hotel room with a full stomach from old country buffet thanks to my friend. i want to thank him here and i am so thanful for that money.

the next day i got an address to send in some paperwork so i can work on the weekend days that i am not out of town. since football season started i chose not to work sunday nights. for this one company it was the only day i could work for them. now with the new company they know i have a full time and may not be able to work some weekends for them but they will let me work only weekend days.  this little bit of money will help keep gas in the cars now.

final bit of good news and i so humbly accept this gift that i just found out today. i was gifted a 1 year premium membership with lottopost. i am a big fan of who i like to call a friend here. Weshar. he gifted me a premium membership and i am so thankful for this gift. i will use it to the best of my ability and keep posting things here related to my lotto ups and downs. i don't know all that i can do with it yet but i will try some things.

so i didn't win or lose or buy or anything. i really feel i am going to turn this corner now. my daughter is working now, my adopted kinda daughter has an interview lined up, and my full time is going to move me from temp to perm. i just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. no matter what happens.

lotto is a dream and life is real.


Entry #200


JakeComment by Jake - September 26, 2007, 3:28 pm
Starchild - Luck graces us in many ways - the car starts, the toothache that stops, water doesn't leak.. Your post is exactly about all the right things and good Karma should find you. We are constantly reminded that we should stay positive but, in all honesty, remaining positive in the face of difficult can be a tall order.    I hope each day continues to be better for you and your family. Jake
starchild_45Comment by starchild_45 - September 26, 2007, 4:16 pm
thanks so much. i am positive to a fault at times but i can't help it. when i get kicked down like this it makes it hard and then reality won't let you look away. i was hoping for some kind of turn around and i got it.

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