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rain song is right! the rain has started and the first tree to fall down has made it on the news. the rain is back in the northwest. i am back in the northwest too. i did my annual trip to a football town and i had a good time with my buds. my team lost and it was a long walk back to the car but it was worth it. i went to buffalo ny and got to go to rich stadium for a football game. i stopped in buffalo at the anchor bar and i had a wech on a bun but it should be called yuch on a bun. it was salty.

i did what i always do on a road trip. i got me some lotto tickets. yahoo. i was going to go to canada but ontairio has some strict rules about collecting money if you live outside the province. seems they want your money and you have to cash it in the province. so i stayed on my side of the border.

well there were 2 states in easy reach. i abandoned my sleepy buds and drove down to the PA line and got me a 26 drawing 1 dollar powerplay ticket from PA. i get there and i fill out the ticket and handed to the guy behind the counter and he was bored. he tells me that the machine is not working right and he can't do the ticket. i asked him to go and try it anyway. he goes again that it is not working and he will do it for me manually.

he studies the machine and starts punching numbers then the machine starts churning out tickets. my drops to the floor. i say that is not what i want and i look at a few of them. he was printing out a different ticket for the next 26 drawings. i tell him that is not what the ticket is asking for. no no. he says it is ok. you are getting 26 draws. i tell him again that is not what i wanted. i wanted 1 number for 26 drawings. he tells me again the computer won't do it. i told him go ahead and stick the ticket in and see what it does. he does and the display comes up the way the ticket says. he then asks me am i sure this is what i wanted and not these tickets. i told him no again. so he prints out the ticket i wanted. a smile came over my face because the ticket would be good until december. he tells me he will go ahead and try to seel these tickets off. i really didn't care because he made the mistake. i am a happy camper with my new powerball ticket.

the next ticket was not so exciting. i got me a 26 drawing megamillion ticket from ny. the computer actually gave me an additional one because i bought the multidraw ticket. well i had a few more bucks on me so i got me 2 separate advanced plays for the new york lottery. so i got me some nice tickets on this trip.

i get home and my job wants me to go near the canadian line for work and i have to spend the night. well i wasn't that sleepy ( i am now ) so i went into BC and got finally a super 7 ticket good for 26 drawings. this lotto is only drawn once a week and my ticket is good until march of next year. ahhhhhh just like old times.

ok dinner is catching up to me and i am getting sleepy. time to go sleepy sleep and think of the millions i am going to get.

when mister mega and mister power take me away from the work world.


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