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Home - Computer Crash


Home from Atlanta. Only positive thing I'll say about the entire weekend is that my partner and I (NOT my regular partner - a teamie and I swapped for this event only) finished second - and in the money - in the consolation tournament. The rest of the weekend was a disaster, including the accomodations.

Came home to find desktop computer off due to power outage - would not restart. May be time to invest in new computers. Conveniently, while I was away, I found out Dell has a 17" widescreen laptop, equipped with a numeric keypad and a vertical resolution of 1200px - just what I want and need. Also, just before I left I had backed up all current project data files onto an external hard drive, and had done the same with a previous project that ran about 500Mb in size. If the desktop is completely shot and I can't recover data off its hard drive I haven't lost a whole lot - most of the info is on the external hard drive and the laptop. Most of what's not there is on my websites and can be downloaded - time-consuming, but not a total loss.

Not a lot of time for work while away - got far more into tournament organizational mode than I ever wanted to.

More on this as progress is made.

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LANTERNComment by LANTERN - October 11, 2007, 3:08 am
If you can't make that Pc work, perhaps it's hard drive is still good, once you get another desktop Pc connect that hard drive to it as a slave drive and from the operating system of the new Pc (Peek into) go into the slave drive as if it was a data download partition drive and just copy and paste what is there into the hard drive of the new Pc or into a drive connected to it and or burn the data there into a CD or DVD, but a Dell computer might not let you connect another drive to it, Why a Dell Pc?, there are other good Pcs that are not that expensive if you buy them online and if you buy them without a monitor, use the monitor of the broken Pc, it might still work.
Info about these things is on the web, use Google.
If the hard drive is good, then the data is there for you to get it.
Don't hook it as a main drive only as a slave, once you transfer the data somewhere, then format that old drive and save it as a backup drive in case that you ever need it, it your new hard drive ever goes bad, it can be a replacement.

Good luck.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - October 11, 2007, 3:18 am
I forgot:
Also save other parts that might still be good, such as CD and or DVD drive(s), cables, memories, computer case etc.
There is a chance that only the Pc's power supply is burn out and that the rest of the Pc might still be good, a way to know for sure would be by hooking up another power supply to that motherboard and to the parts there such as CD or DVD drive, to the hard drive and to the floppy drive if it has one installed.
A used, but good power supply would do.
The chance might be small, but it is still a chance.
Good luck.
johnph77Comment by johnph77 - October 12, 2007, 4:38 am
Lantern -

You could very well be right - I never gave a moment's thought to the power supply. And I've even had one burn out previously, but years ago. Computer will be shopped next week. Thanks and gl


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