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Again, it seems to me that the most inmportant part on winning on jackpot games is wheeling the right numbers, that is the group of numbers that will be used to make the combination lines with.

That is priority # 1 on predicting and playing jackpot kind of games.

For this the first thing that is needed is enough and also the right kind of stats, in at least 2 forms, numerical and graphical.

Both of those kinds of stats are very important and do complement each other, when one of them is missing it is not as easy to interpret the stats right.

First the stats are needed, the right kind of stats and in the right forms.

Then their right interpretation is also needed.

As getting the right group of numbers to wheel is the very first priority:

Then stats that will show which numbers might be the:

Most likely to come out next and or soon and which numbers might be less likely to come out next and or soon, is what is first needed.

Interpretation of stats is to a great degree a personal thing of course, but the stats most be there for a person to have something to interpret.

That is the first part: The needed and proper stats in the right forms.

For that to happen a program most have a history database to work with, among other things.


Second is filters that will filter out numbers, each filter will filter out numbers in particular ways, the numbers that I am talking about are not whole combinations such HLHHL for a pick 5 game or the sum of the line(s), but filters dealing with filtering particular "Base" numbers out of all the combinations and also filters that will filter out numbers for particular "straight" positions on all of the combinations.

For example on a 6/49 game  filtering the 40 any order out of all the combinations and filtering the 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 47, 48 and 49 out of positions 1, 2 and 3.

The filtering by position is easy to see which numbers need to be filtered in such a way, but it is harder to see which numbers most be filtered any order out of the whole combinations, special stats are needed for this.


Once we have figured out which particular numbers need to be filtered out, both any order and by position then:

We will need the stats and their filters for filtering out Pairs, Triads and quartets, numbers and patterns out of all the combinations, any order and or by position.


Next we will need stats and filters for filtering out doubles, triples and quads, numbers and patterns in a like way as above more or less. 


Finally, we would need the stats and filters for filtering out whole complete lines from the wheeled numbers, such as sums of line, root of line, LDR of line, High-Lows of line, Even-Odds of line, Etc.


I know that some of these things might not be understood without examples and more detailed explanations.


These is not for everybody after all, but for any programmers that might care to read this.

These are just some of my ideas.

Who is "game" to do this? 

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