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Filtered pick 3 Wheelers and Prediction # 1


Last Edited: November 15, 2007, 2:47 pm

I don't have much time for this post right now, so only a few things about that on this post.

The LotSoft Pick 3 Filtered Wheeler:

This is really a minor thing and perhaps players can better understand the use of this option if this is left as it is and unchanged.

The OutPut Format Box for BOXED Doubles it was made more complicated than needed as 6 choices are given, the 6 logic choices should be hidden in the code of the program and only 3 choices shown on the programs Menu:

XXY   XYX YXX That could be written in any of several ways including, but not limited to:

AAB ABA BAA, DDS DSD SDD, 221 212 122.



Pairs filtering boxed and or straight is an art all of itself, the LotSoft Wheeler already has some of that, but not enough yet, I believe that at one time or another I have posted about pairs and their filters, but I guess that I might have talked to MikeK about this more than to others.

There are 3 basic keys to pick 3 filtering:

The singles digits, the pairs and the whole pick 3 numbers, filtering is best if it is done at all 3 levels.

There is another 50-50 filter that is very good and that was never implemented on that Wheeler, it is in function like the High-Low, Even-Odd and In-Out filters and provides needed additional filtering, it is on one of my posts somewhere on LP.


Next: Some filters make use of a database of past winning numbers, this kind of filters can't be used with the LotSoft Wheeler as it does not have a draws database connected to it, many filtering options (Very many) are lost in this way, including the chance of adding good automatic and semi-automatic prediction to it.

That brings me to what I might call:

Logic operation(s) script(s) for automatic and or semi-automatic prediction, they would have things such as:

If, And, Or, Nor, Not and Yes kind(s) of logic operation(s) commands, in relation to the past draws and their 'Filter" patterns used for prediction (Automatic and Or Semi-Automatic).
Next, would be the better use and implementation of the range of VTRACKS, their patterns, filters and prediction, I talked some, but not much about them on a few posts here at LP somewhere.

There are a few "Regular" VTRACK sets and each set has 125 Straight VTRACKS, there are also Boxed VTRACKS.

Prediction by VTRACKS is also an art and a technique all by itself, but can be used togehter with "Regular" pick 3 numbers.


Yes, with the right prediction logic(s) and logic operators (Operations) good enough automatic predictions can be made, but only with the use of a past draws database, the logic(s) does (Don't) not have to be very complicated.

That is all for this post.

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