A quick note about automatic prediction scripts.


A prediction program should allow the players to make their own prediction scripts, it should not have one built in for them to use, if it does then all would get the very same predicted numbers and that is not good, each person must develop their own prediction technique and then translate it into a prediction script.

In a way it is almost like when a person uses a Macro Program and programs a Macro Script with it, there are steps to follow.

But with a prediction script it is more complicated, for example:

First you most have a technique that you do or would do if it was possible to do by hand, then you write the steps in their proper order as you would do them by hand and or as the program would need to do them.

For example let us say that you would need to study (Scan) (For Particular Patterns) a given number of draws, let us say that they would be 100 past draws or 90 or 30 or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 or the whole history of the game, it is up to the user how many past draws he or she would you, that is how many he would have the program use. 

 The program would scan the given number of past draws as if it was you doing it, it would be pre-programmed with a particular script by the user to look for particular patterns on each past draw and it would write and store them on a file on the hard drive and or on its ram memory, beginning with the very oldest draw and ending with the newest last draw.

On each draw there are many patterns, each draw has 1 pattern per each of the filters, per example:

385 = 16 Sum, 6 LDR, 7 Root,  Widths: Lth 5, Sides 2, Rth 3, Widths L-M 2, M-H 3, L-H 5,

Mostly High (MH), Mostly Odd, LHH, OEO and other patterns.

 For example it would compare the sum of one draw with or to the sum of the very next draw and do this or repeat that step with all of the used past draws beginning with the oldest and going or ending with the last draw, the program would in sequence compare the sum of one draw with the sum of the very next draw looking for something in particular that I will not mention and it would then write and or store the results on a file on the hard drive and or its ram memory.

It would do the same thing with every one of the patterns, like comparing the LDRs to each other, the Roots to each other, ETC, the patterns would be compared to each other in a particular way that I am not talking about and the results noted, the patterns could be compared to each other in more than one way, they could be first with one draw to the next one and then again if the script calls for it from one draw to the next second draw and maybe later a third time with the next third draw and then next time with the next fourth draw, ETC it all depend on the scripts and on the findings of the scannings and the comparisons, as it can also be a self modifying script according to preset script rules.

I failed to mention, but also the numbers themselves as single digits, pairs and whole pick 3 numbers are also patterns and would be scanned and compared to each other in ways as with the other patterns.

But this is just a part of a script example, other people would have their own prediction scripts that might not be anything like this.

But to continue with this:

Once the patterns are compared and the looked for things are found and written to memory and or file(s), then they would be used according to preprogrammed script rules to filter with a source of numbers which could be any source of numbers that the player-predictor wants filtered, that is if this is what the prediction script calls for, as different people would have different prediction techniques and scripts.

A prediction technique and script would need and have certain preprogrammed rules.

I won't go into detail about these things as prediction techniques are a personal thing, this is just a way of automating what you would like the program to do for you, what you would do by hand by yourself if you could.


People might ask: How Do you develop or make a prediction technique and then a script?

It would help if you had a program or workout or whatever that gives or shows to you the statistics of many of the patterns of the draws for you to study, meditating on what you have seen there might also help and repeat as often as you need to in order to learn, once you know how to predict, write down the steps in their proper sequence together with whatever preset rules are part of the prediction process.


A person should be able to save such prediction scripts, macro scripts or whatever they might be and also it should be possible to have and save several of them if a person wants to have more than one, there could be one for Singles Straight Prediction another for Doubles Straight Prediction and other for Combined Straights, another for all boxed numbers another for boxed singles another for boxed doubles. some for one state and others for other states, ETC.


I guess that a sort of program-able script or macro-script engine or prediction engine maybe with a script or scripts wizards and or good documentation and or witha sort of built-in script language and or commands.

I guess that that is all for this post. 


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Avatar Todd -
Interesting post. For many people the idea of creating a "script" is an alien concept.
I totally agree with the script idea. My "system" is based on scripts. If 100 people possessed my progrm, no two of them would have the same script, thus no two people would play the same numbers.
     In my world (my sky is purple and orange) scipt means to select certain things as either being true or false. If you set all the parameters ( either true or false) correctly, the computer will find all the number sets that qualify.
     Keep up the good work. I really enloy reading what you have to say.

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