I'm dreaming.....


spy153Multi-StatePowerball3 + 0 02-11-17-20-41, Powerball: 09    02-17-41-54-55, Powerball: 17



spy153Multi-StatePowerball1 + 1 13-17-22-28-44, Powerball: 17    02-17-41-54-55, Powerball: 17$4



LOL    I must be dreaming while awake again. 


First Mega Millions, now Powerball? 


 I don't drink, but if I did....  cheers, love! 






Entry #78


Avatar konane -
Keep joy and good feelings flowing, they're magnetic to bringing more of the same type successes!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
Avatar emilyg -
Ditto on what Konane said.
Avatar spy153 -
thank you ! I will try it and see...

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