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Six in GA said no



   Six men and women in GA, elected individuals serving the best needs of their constituents, have voted 'No' to HB301 which amends existing laws regarding dog fighting.  Coincidentally, HB301 had 6 sponsors.

    To paraphrase one gentleman from Macon, dog fighting is such a big part of black communities in Georgia that the new penalties proposed would be excessive.  After all, there are already apparently 60,000 GA residents in prison and this is not a good enough reason to add more. 

    Really?  Sounds terribly familiar - words uttered by athletes and friends of Mr. Vicks in the limelight of his arrest.    Tougher laws to knock down supply and demand of an activity that hurts far, far more than animals are just not a good enough reason to potentially increase the inmate population? (By the way, if you read the bill, it becomes apparent that actual jail time is pretty much for the repeat offender).    The 6 nay Reps hail from Austell, Cassville, Marietta, Metro Atlanta, etc. 

    I know HB301 needs some tweaking - the House of Representatives has certainly noted this, and I could understand a dissenting vote due to wording flaws - it happens every day.   I think it will still change in the Senate as it moves on. 

    That said, I still find the comments of said Representative above stunningly offensive on several levels.   Is there truth in his words?   Yes, I'm sorry to say there is truth to be found.   But it is half-truth from tunnel vision speaking from complacency.   Dog fighting crosses every ethnic boundary - whether spectators or participants. 

    As a result of GA's work on HB301, other states, including DE and Maryland are now looking at the laws they have in place. 

   Small important steps.  Thanks Georgia.





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