Blue People, literally!, Do you have the blues?


Blue People are said to be healthier than the Non-Blues.,2933,317564,00.html




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I haven't read all of your links yet (just a few) but I was told many years ago that, since royalty drank from real silver cups all the time, they were called blue bloods, which I guess is false. That was when I was taking ionic silver, which works to fight bacteria, but I didn't want to turn blue! lol
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If you look at Paul Karason's hands they don't seem to be blue, He both: Drank and also put ionic silver on his face, it seems as if maybe only his face is blue.
I have read on the WWW that only those people who overdose with ionic silver might turn blue-gray or blue-purple, that is drinking or applying great doses too often for too long and that the quality of the ionic silver used is also very important.
So perhaps people who make it and also use it right, might have nothing to fear, there appears to be very many people who have been drinking it for a long time and most of them are neither blue nor gray nor purple.
I myself have never yet used it, but that does not mean that I never will, ionic silver appears to be very easy to make, as to the FDA's claims of it being useless and of it damaging kidneys and liver, I have never seen any proof of that being true, nor of anybody claiming that it hurt them in any way other than of it turning a very few blue because of their having overdosed with it for too long and too often and of their applying it to their skin, on the other hand, many who use it claim getting health benefits from it.
What is the truth? There is only information about it on the Internet.

Doctors and the government claim health benefits to the drinking and to the topical application of diluted fluoride compounds and yet all evidence shows that that is not true and that drinking even very diluted fluoride is very dangerous as it is very toxic to humans and that it can make people very sick in very many ways, of course the damage accumulates in the body with it's use and with time.

If given a choice between drinking fluorinated water or ionic silver I would drink ionic silver which might probably be safer and also give some real heath benefits.

A person can only read about what is there for that person to read about and then that person can make up his or her mind.

Blue face or not Paul Karason is still drinking his home-made ionic silver and does not want to stop,
He feels healthy enough.

Most of those who have written anything anywhere about ionic silver are not medical doctors and I am not a doctor either, I am neither pro (Not really, I never drank it yet) nor against its use, read about it and make-up your own mind.

I don't claim anything, neither good nor bad about it as I have never used it yet.

As to nobility being blue or called blue bloods, it might have to do with inbreeding as I don't think that they could get enough silver into their bodies just by eating and or drinking from or with silver utensils, but Who knows?

Good luck!
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Avatar LANTERN -

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