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Some People Just Don't Think.


For those of you who haven't been reading my blog too often (Most of you.), in addition to my RA job, I've also been working weekends as a Security Aide (SA) sub. Here are some of the stupidest things that have happened on my duty nights.

Last Saturday, there was a room with the door open. The residents weren't in the room, but 2 trash bags full of beer cans were. When myself and my SA partner were doing the report, we found out they were writtten up a few weeks ago.

Also last Saturday, we had a writeup in which we smelled marijuana. The other SA confronted the room. They said that they weren't smoking marijuana in the room, but the resident of the room was obviously stoned. There were also empties in the room, so that did not make the situation better. When we went to do the paperwork for this one, my SA partner noticed that he had written the resident up just two nights before.

Last night, there was a fight, and one of the people involved was moved to a different building. The only problem was when the RA of the complex that the person was moving to was nowhere in sight. We originally thought they might have been doing rounds, but we went through 2 of the 3 buildings in the complex, and looked in the windows of the third building, and we could not find the RA. We went to the RA's room, and called the RA's room, as well as the staff office, but no luck. The only problem was that we were asked to do this by the central staff. We almost never contact them on weekends. We had to call central staff back and tell them that we could not find the RA. I hope the RA had a good excuse as to their whereabouts.

Tonight, I was doing rounds when I saw beer cans in an underage room (It was in an all-freshmen building, so we know that none of the residents were old enough.). There was a person standing outside the room talking to another person. The other person just starts going "SA behind you. SA behind you." Well, if they were hoping to not get caught, then they were in for a big disappointment because the next thing I did was get my SA partner (a different person this time), and confront the room.

After I got back norm my SA sub duty tonight, I was hoping to get some R & R. No such luck. There was a fight outside my room, and one of the fighters wanted to pernorm a fireman's carry on me. He made an attempt, and wouldn't let me into my room. He was obviously drunk. My original intent was to hold out and wait until he had to pee, but it didn't work. I then went down to the 2nd floor and back up by way of a door closer to my room. No luck. The first time, the person beat me to my door. The second time, the person attempted to tackle me. I shrugged it off. Eventually he gave up, saying I won, and smacked me on the back. I wound up calling OUPD, and the person apologized to me. I still wrote him up because this was something that I could not just let slide.

I'm starting to wonder why a good portion of para-professional Res. Life employees (RAs and SAs) don't last a year in the department.

I really need some sleep. Good night.
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