Electronic Projects 1-A (Start).


A long time ago I made a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) from the PCB artwork on a page of a magazine, bought the parts, but didn't build the circuit, It was an article on an electronics magazine, that by now has been out of circulation for many years, it was the article with the circuit schematic diagram and the artwork for the PCB.

It was for a low power "Video Transmitter" that would connect to a VCR, to its radio frequency output jack, that transmits on channel 3 or 4 and then the VCR video would be radio transmitted about 50 or fewer feet to a TV tunned to channel 3 or 4.

The PCB was made the old way using a GC Electronics pre-sensitized positive acting printed circuit board and an ultraviolet light, using the positive resist developed thereafter and last using ferric chloride as the etchant.












Anyhow now days there is no longer need of making printed circuit boards in that way as there is special paper that is used with a laser printer and ironed into a bare copper clad board, as it was already given on some of the comments (Links) on another post of this "Tread".

Here are some pictures of what I did and from what:

 From that Article.

As you see I didn't post a picture of the schematic circuit diagram just the pcb artwork. 

PCB artwork made from the one on that magazine's page.


The finished PCB that I made (Long ago).


Next I will drill the holes, insert the electronic parts, wires, solder them and put this in a box.

The connect a battery and see how it works if it does (It should) unless there are mistakes in the magazine's article (There should not be).

As things progress I will take the digital pictures and then when finished post them here on this thread, (maybe in a few days or whenever I have the time again soon).


I sometimes used to do some pcb artwork by hand using stuff such as:

RS 276-1490

That is RadioShack Etch Resist Dry Transfers and also stuff from DATAK and dry transfers from other sources.


Somebody shows them on a video here:








That was the old way and it is no more, no need for all that trouble no more if you have a laser printer or can have copies made on a laser copier with the special iron on transfer paper.

As for the PCB art work you can PCB software.

You still have to etch the pcb. 


More to come whenever. 

I have a cheap (100+) digital camera, but it takes good enough pictures using the right settings (The camera has almost no documentation, so it takes a lot of experimenting to learn how to use it right), having enough light is important as otherwise the pictures are not as good, you also have to use special rechargeable batteries and a quick recharger and add a big memory card, total amount with the camera comes to about $200 more or less counting also the price of a tripod.

It is a nice toy and I don't have to buy film nor pay for developing, it can take big pictures at good quality, but no need to take pictures so big, not for posting here anyway.

I also use Irfanview to make some changes to the pictures and to print them with.



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