Electronic Project # 1-B



As I have no time today, all that I did was drill the holes on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and take pictures of it and of all the parts of the project minus the box (Enclosure) where everything goes inside.

Oh! I did not put the antenna with the other parts as it is a little too big and there was no more space in the picture.

As you can see the holes were drilled, I had to use a magnifier and a special technique to do it with, besides using glasses as I no longer see well anything small yet as you can see it was a good enough job just a little off on one of the holes, but still good enough.


By the way a good thank you to ImageShack for their very good service, it is very hard to do this things without them, they are great!

There are all the parts minus the PCB, the box enclosure and the antenna.


As I am out of time today this is all, maybe until tomorrow or whenever I get to put the parts onto the PCB and solder them in place.


I won't show the schematic diagram of the circuit, but I can tell you from where to get it at:

The July 1987 issue of "Modern Electronics" ask for it at your local library, it might be on microfiche film or whatever is called or on CD Rom Disk or they might have a copy of the magazine itself.

Or they can get a reprint from another library of it of pages 52 to 54 and of page 92 of the July 1987 issue of Modern Electronics.

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