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Of course, no state wants anybody selling 'Lucky" numbers, others might follow and do the same and Who knows? Maybe one company would sell winning numbers.

First of all, no state wants anybody to think that there are any systems or methods that might be better than quick picks

If the state can see their numbers before the draws same as anybody who buys them, How can they prove anything as the state is the one holding the draws?
Perhaps, nobody who sells lottery numbers should claim that such numbers are or might be better than quick-picks, they should let the numbers prove themselves out if they can.
I wonder if the state would had said something if they had just been caled "Luck" numbers?

Yes, they would had! They would had said, "Prove that the numbers are lucky" otherwise quit selling them.
The government might or will always have or hold the winning hand.

The mob is now respectable, there is an old saying,
"If you can't beat them, join them" and they sure did!
Now they control everything!

They got tired of getting beat-up, they got wise!

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