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QP stats


This is from my thread in Pick 5 games, I'm juust blogging it for when the thread gets buried.

I wish everyone who insists picking your own numbers is a better chance than QPs would pick a game and track it like this. As with many other things in life, you can't refute results:

OK, no jackpot tonight but this was day 89 of the year.

In the OP I said I'd comapre the first 89 days of 2007 to the first 89 days of 2008, here goes:

First 89 days of 2007 were:

2007 Jackpots: 

Jan:  14 QP, 6 player selected numbers

Feb:  13 QP, 6 player selected numbers

Mar:  16 QP, 4 player seplected numbers 

For those 89 days that was 43 QP winners and 16 player's numbers winners, or 72.8% QPs.

First 89 days of 2008 

39 jackpots 29 QP 19 PS

74.3% QP 

So one year apart and the QPs were within 1.5% of each other.

The player numbers were 37.2% winners for 2007 and 48.7 for 2008, a difference of 11.5% - but don't forget there was one jackpot split 5 ways, all player numbers -  without that it's 14jackpots for 2008, making it 35.8%

 So in 2007 (89 days) there were 40.1% more jackpots paid to QP and in 2008 there were 25.6% more jackpots paid to QPs.

2007 = 72.8% QP jackpot winners

2008= 74.3% QP jackpot winners.

The lotteries tell us that 70 to 80% of ticket sales, and 70 to 80% of jackpot winners are QP, this seems to confirm it. 

I might keep this going and compare the next three months to these three months.  



Entry #69


justxploringComment by justxploring - March 30, 2008, 3:59 am
If about 70 to 80% of tickets sold are QPs and 72% are winners, then QPs don't win more often than self-picks, so they? Sounds about even to me.   If the lottery is truly random, then this makes sense.
jarasanComment by jarasan - March 30, 2008, 8:52 pm
You can't wheel QP'S, and if you take random numbers and wheel them then they aren't QP's anymore. I've tried both ways I get a lot more bang for my buck home grown. For eg. on Sat. PBall I hand picked from my breakdown 10 lines I had all 5 numbers on those ten lines, not ever, I mean not ever have I hit more than a pball and 1 or 2 on QP's., I played that way for years, I got tired and looked online so here we are! If I had concluded a wheel for Sat. I might have hit something but I didn't. I'll post them on my blog. Not in my lifetime playing QP's will $10 get me that close, ever.

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