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About all 6 numbers that repeated in the powerball-


Hello to everyone here,

I want to Thank all of you who read my latest blog about the powerball numbers ( 15-22-24-32-39- PB 18)  that all repeated on dates of 4/3/93  &  12/27/00.  We are all entitled to our own opinions,  but  those of you who agree?  You are awesome!!  lol.   Do you really think if your own 6 numbers for the lottery came up once they could again for the second time?  If you think about this , it does sound fishey.  Does the odds stay the same 1- in 146,107,962.00  or would your odds change?  By the way- don't worry i won't talk about this again, i just think we all should know the truth. 

Have a good week,  jonstrue2u 


Entry #2


Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 12:09 am
You have got to be kidding me....Are you for real? That can never happen unless there was 25 million draws...So that can't happen...When are you talking about are you talking about the last powerball draw?
four4meComment by four4me - March 31, 2008, 2:19 am
Pumpi yes it did happen and it can happen again at any time. There is no set rule for what numbers will be drawn next.

However if you real the last blog on this matter you will see that it happened a few years apart and with two different matrixes.

On    4/ 3/ 1993 - The powerball numbers were- (15-22-24-32-39- PB -18)
on 12/27/2000     - The powerball numbers were- (15-22-24-32-39- PB - 18)
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 5:49 am
If is a normal behavior of the machine you should have seen all 4 or 5 numbers repeated and 1 or 2 numbers changed...And if is the normal behavior of the machine you should see more of those repeated (more of 4 or 5 numbers correct and 1 or 2 numbers changed)....
and yes there are set rules for lottery behavior...
And if for some reason it can happen again with all 6 numbers repeated, then just prove that you can study the trajectory of balls by simulating it on a supercomputers and taking the measurements of the machines and taking into account time...with a little bit of physics...So i don't know why you can't believe that by simulating the trajectory of balls you can get it right, but yet you believe that ALL 6 numbers repeated twice on Powerball, knowing they got pre-test...And how many pre-test do they do? 5 for each draw? So why didn't the pre-test catch it; right...Certainly if is true that has got to be like an apparition from above...But it can't compare to cloning (please don't pay me any attention on this last part)...
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 5:53 am
what i am saying is that i know it can happen with machines but at the most it should had had 5 numbers repeated and 1 number different, like the bonus ball...
this certainly will not happen with RNG...For RNG for 3 numbers to have repeated, i say there must have to pass 10,000 draws...
four4meComment by four4me - March 31, 2008, 11:34 am
Pumpi the fact that two drawings had the same balls drawn has absolutely nothing to do with science. The balls they used for the first drawing are probably rotting away in some trash dump the machine they used in the first drawing was more than likely tossed out as well.

Just because two drawing in a seven year period had the same numbers drawn doesn't mean a thing outside the fact the for any drawing it can happen. And the likely hood it will happen again is also a possibility.
spy153Comment by spy153 - March 31, 2008, 12:23 pm
yes, the numbers I play are actually repeats...in a manner of speaking. If I'm wrong,   a good win is still possible because we know they will come out in that order. If I'm right, well... JACKPOT! Lol.

For instance, if you know for sure 1 number will come out, that knocks down the odds. Now imagine, 2, 3 or even 4 of the numbers. How much does that knock down the odds? And like you have seen with the numbers you showed, it is possible that all 6 numbers can come out. Forget the matrixes!

If you'll look closer, the numbers you caught have come out in other ways of speaking too. For instance:
12/19/2007----15-18-22-23-42 pb 37
7/7/07----------15-21-27-41-47 pb 20 (I won 4 and 0 on that draw, btw. Purely luck, though!)
9/30/06---------6-15-30-32-39 pb 5

Pumpi gave a good explanation of this. But they don't believe the same as I do when it comes to the possibilities.

In two of those lines you see 3 and 0 of the original numbers you posted. The other line, the one I won on, is just a downgrade of those numbers.

I can tell you that even having this info on hand still makes playing the game a challenge. It is by no means easy.
Comment by jim695 - March 31, 2008, 12:56 pm
If LosingJeff and I had listened to the people who tried to explain away coincidence after coincidence after coincidence after coincidence, our investigation would have ended after the first week. We spent FOUR YEARS interviewing Hoosier Lottery Officials, State representatives, Congressmen, the Marion County Grand Jury and countless others.
   This is how and why the Hoosier Lottery has been able to get away with engineering the results of their daily games. People just can't wrap their heads around a crooked lottery. The standard argument goes something like, "They would NEVER do that, because look at what would happen if they got caught or if someone found out about it."
   This is not a viable argument. If you've read ANY posts about the Hoosier Lottery authored by Losing Jeff or myself, then you know that the proof we have is solid; we KNOW for a fact that the Hoosier Lottery is fixing their games with their RNG; there is simply no possible way to dispute that.     
   Another good example, if you read the LotteryPost.com headlines, is the story about the Tennessee Lottery and the troubles they've had with their RNG. Given both of these deluxe models of open and blatant corruption, we now know what happens when they get caught: Nothing. The state circles the wagons and keeps the public at bay, using any methods available, legal or not, to see that their crooked business practices continue uninterrupted.
   Personally, as I've stated before, I believe that the MUSL runs an honest game. However, I must point out that, even here in Indiana, there are still people who waste their hard-earned cash buying Hoosier Lottery tickets which have virtually NO CHANCE of winning. There are people in Tennessee who flat out refused to believe they couldn't win on a double, even after the story hit the papers! The good people of Tennessee plunked down over two million dollars for reams and reams of worthless paper, even after they had been told the games were flawed. Now, we have the Tennessee legislature trying to step in and do the right thing, but the lottery officials are fighting their efforts, because they don't want anyone looking over their shoulders as they devise new ways to relieve the general public of their disposable income.
   I have taken the trouble to verify jonstru2u's claims, and the information he presented for scrutiny by the membership is absolutely, 100% accurate. How many of you, who are so quick to tell Jon that he's crazy, have even bothered to go to the PowerBall web site and look up the information he so graciously handed to us? THIS COULD BE VERY IMPORTANT, and I urge all of you to consider, just for a moment, how much trouble we'd all be in if it were ever proven that the PowerBall game is corrupt. This means that someone has discovered a nearly undetectable method of manipulating mechanical draw machines. If it should turn out this way, lotteries in America would die very quickly, because very few people would play anymore; I know I wouldn't. I'd go to the horse track and ask the first shady character I saw to give me some lessons on wagering on horses. Then, when I found out that they were plying the animals with performance-enhancing drugs, I'd probably resign myself to playing in a local poker game, until I caught someone cheating. After that, I'll probably just stay at home and throw playing cards into an upturned hat until I'm dead.
   Something this significant certainly deserves our undivided attention, at least until we can get an explanation from the MUSL. It's possible that the numbers were entered incorrectly on one of those draws. The obvious next step would be to contact the MUSL and ask them about these two drawings. If they can't give us a satisfactory answer, then we might need to start digging again.
   Hang in there, Jon. And don't let these nay-sayers discourage you; you're NOT crazy. The information you have is valid, and it's enough to justify a closer look. Keep an open mind, and if you find that there's nothing there, be willing to accept that. However, if they start giving you the run-around when you ask them to explain this anomaly, sit down in front of your computer and learn all you can about the federal Freedom of Information Act; you're going to need it.
   If you'd like some help with this, send me a PM. If you'd rather work on your own for the time being, that's okay, too. Just don't give up.
spy153Comment by spy153 - March 31, 2008, 1:15 pm
jim, why don't you leave MUSL alone and let us use this to our advantage?
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 8:41 pm
going back to the science, if there was any repetition with the draws it should have been combinations whose first numbers is 19 and above..I mean the science...
Also forgive me for saying this but this also should have happened...I expected that half of those playing the lottery are males and the other half are females...Well you recently heard just like 2 weeks ago, 8 WOMEN won the Powerball or MegaMillions and if i am not mistaken they were the sole winners...Well that should have happened...It wasn't 3 at the most 4 women which might have been understandable, but they were 8 of them and not a single male winner...Well such scenario shouldn't have happened either...If you told me that 1 women won the first prize of millions and 7 women won the second prize of 150,000 dollars then it will have been understandable...So something is not right...Also i know for a fact that the lottery can be rigged not by the state but by GENIUSES.....Well if you think it can't happen i wouldn't argue with you...But how many of you have walked into your room, then comback 5 hours later, how about 1 week later and notice the fonts changed in that envelop you left with bills in your room....99.9999998% of the population of the U.S will not pick that up, even extremely smart people will not pick it up...
And again the rigging that happened in i think it was PA or Philadelphia can't remember, how many years did those people got? If i get 5 or how about 10 years for rigging only 1 time Powerball and in that i win or someone on the outside wins 70 million dollars and no one knew about it, who you think would have really won? the State or me? All i had to do is lie about the time i started rigging the lottery....Suppose i started rigging the lottery on draw number 112 but i told the feds that i started on draw number 114, who would have really won? Can the lottery be rigged? yes i can but you will have to be religiously meticulous at least when you are doing your job...
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 8:42 pm
i meant to say this also shouldn't have happened....
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 8:52 pm
Also the lottery has a design flaw...As many millions of dollars that it gives it favors the majority, it doesn't favors minorities even if minorities play they will have to be half of the population of players for 1 again only 1 winner to win...So is not fair...When i say minorities i mean that who is not the majority...But pardon me that's another subject...
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 8:56 pm
anyway i proved that Powerball can be won with LP predictors and viewing it a certain way...I also believe that Powerball can be won with genius statisticians...
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 9:01 pm
Also there is something better than Powerball and that is a free lottery for certain individuals and a lottery stock exchange with 20,000 options just like there is 20,000 stocks, and making rich folks have a wealth manager so that they have that money FOR ETERNITY and they can pass it on to their kids and their kids can pass it on to their kids...All this things ARE BETTER, BETTER than powerball...
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2008, 9:13 pm
Also better than powerball is tracking Pick3 for years meticulously, and then when you think that number is going to play you bet like 300 dollars on the number...Is a good 150,000 dollar....
Also better than Powerball is suppose someone wins 20 million dollars in Powerball...What happens to that person after 5 years? he has only 10 million dollars because he spend on his family and what happens after 30 years later he has 5 million....But what happens 100 years later when he has passed away? his kid is left with 5 million dollars but because the price of currency changes, if you notice 100,000 dollars in the 1920 was like 1 million dollars, how much is 100,000 dollars now? barely buys a house...You will know this things if read my myspace.com blog...So there's got to be a way to change all that and that my friend is BETTER, BETTER than Powerball....Ohh but i forgot to mention the taxes...LOL...

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