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May 8, 2011, 1:59 amDoes Webster city Iowa have a new lotto movie ?

OMG !  its another story from Webster City iowa of the Hot lotto Jackpot ticket sold in this town on 5/7/2011 !   Not too long ago the headlines read - on 3/18/2011  webster city ia. ( Three stores , three people, one town. Whether it be the luck O'the Irish or just a random winning spree, Webster city, ia. population - 8, 176 has become a hotbed for lottery winners.      Last month in Feb.  Aenoi Phetxoumphone got things started by becoming iowa's first millionaire of the new year.  Tony Jones then won on a Red hot cherries scratch off ticket at Docs stop in Websters city and won 100,000 !  Two days later after his win,  Kelly Wallen won 25,000 on Magic line bingo scratch off game at a different Docs stop in webster city!   

Iowa lottery CEO Terry Rich said that he's excited to see if Webster City's run of luck really takes off now that Mega millions jackpot was 201 mil at the time and that powerballs jackpot is also climbing at that time.   People,  if you dont already know-  the scratch off games in the lottery are known by them of where the winners will be sent to !  You are free to believe what you want to but now we all know that - THE JACKPOT WINNING HOT LOTTO TICKET WAS WON IN WEBSTER CITY IA. AT A DOCS STOP IN THIS SAME TOWN.  WOW ! HERE WE GO AGAIN!   MAYBE THERE WILL BE A NEW MOVIE OUT SOON MADE IN WEBSTER CITY IA. CALLED -  WHAT THE FOCKERS LOTTERY WINNERS , LOL.   Now i wonder if the lottery controls jackpot wins ?  Who knows?   Congrads to the lucky winners !  Is powerball or Mega millions next ?  Hope not for the rest of us having a chance , ha ,ha   jonstrue2u

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November 9, 2010, 5:58 amComputerized Lottery drawings

Hello to everyone during this nice day!  Does anyone know if Computerized lottery drawings have pretests?  Lets face it, there has been alot of bad things said about computerized drawings,  Right?  Us serious players, do keep track of numbers in like the Hot lotto for instance.  If we are playing hot numbers at the time ,  Do we still have a chance to win  with pretest drawings ? what if hot numbers turn cold ?  Sometimes when i have a little more money during the week i play all  of my 5 same numbers in computerized drawings but with different hot ball numbers.  Do we as players really have a chance with computerized games ?                   PartyThanks for reading my blog and feel free to comment on this topic.  Thankyou, jonstrue2u

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August 21, 2008, 7:47 pmThankyou Todd For All That You Do For Us Here On LP And Happy Birthday!!


I wanted to Thankyou for all of your time and everything that you do to help us here on LP.

You do Alot for All Of us here And I Hope You Have A Special Day Today,  Happy Birthday!!!  jonstrue2u 

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August 13, 2008, 10:10 pmPlease tell me what you think about the midday pick 3 results

Hello there,

There is a strange thing that happened with the pick 3 (midday) results on iowa lottery website.     8/12/08- (668)

8/11/08- (282)

8/9/08-   (389)

8/8/08-   (280)

8/7/08-   (183)

As you can see, the number (8) has come up in the last 5 draws.   Are the pick 3 drawings computerized?  If so, is there a glitch in the drawings that make the number 8 come up like it has?  Please tell me what you think because i am openminded.   Thankyou,  Jon   

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August 3, 2008, 4:44 amThe Hot lotto is rigged!!

Hello there,

Did you check out the last Hot lotto drawing on 8/2/08?  The numbers were -8-9-10-11- 22-HB- 3!!

Give me a break, 4 numbers in a row!!  That shows that computerized drawings are not true!!  It is a shame that the lottery sucks  us in like they do about true drawings!!  Take a look at drawings-- from -               1/16/08- 1/30/08  THE NUMBER 2 HAS COME UP 1ST IN THE LAST 5 DRAWINGS!!  And now on 8/2/08 the numbers were -8-9-10-11- 22  HB- 3    Do you think you have a real chance at winning ?  Computerized drawings are not True and we should know the real Truth about that!!!   The MUSL  controls when the payouts are going to be on computerized draws so they can bring in more MONEY!!

If you say that this isn't true than you are lying to yourself about True computerized Draws!! Random drawings are so much better at all of us having a True chance of Winning !!  Best Of Luck to you and have a good Day!!   Jonstrue2u                                                                                                                                                                                     

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May 1, 2008, 1:32 pmStrange thing that happens with the Powerball...

 I will try this again, for some reason it didn't show on here before,   Anyway........  Why is it that when you look under press releases on the Powerball website with the history of the game,  there are hardly anyone who have had the power play option which match all 5 numbers  but there are alot of people who don't have the Power play and match all 5 numbers?   There mostly seems to be only 2-3 people who have the Power play option and win on a match 5.   If everyone who matched 5 numbers only had the PP option then the lottery would be losing alot more money, lol.  You can look at the history of the game and see what i mean. This sounds strange to me, i only hope the game is not controlled so we all have a chance at winning.   Thankyou for reading my blog,   jonstrue2u

Last Edited: May 1, 2008, 1:36 pm

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April 11, 2008, 9:13 pmComputer picks vrs. your own picks with the Powerball

Hello there,

I was wandering  why almost every drawing of the Powerball  there seems to be near 5 or more people that match all 5 numbers  and  win?   Remember:  The odds of matching all 5 numbers are 1- in 3,563,609 !    Take that number  X 5   and do the math.   How is it that a computer which is designed for the lottery can do this and we can't?    Tell me what you think?   Thanks,  Jon

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April 7, 2008, 1:04 pmThe Lottery wouldn't let me play my pick 3 or pick 4 numbers!!

Hello there,

As you all know i am new to here so please bear in mind with me, ok?  Anyway- last year on (7/7/07) , of course i tryed to play the pick 3 numbers of  (777) on this date but as i did the girl behind the counter at the store says that  number was all sold out!   I said,  ok  then i'll take a pick 4 with the #'s of 7777 and they were also sold out !!    I understand both sides of a coin-  (#1)-   If these numbers came up and the lottery didn't cut off the amount that was sold,  they would be paying out alot of $   and that could add up to alot!!   

(#2)-   If those numbers would have came up on 7/7/07 and you couldn't win because the numbers were all sold out,  how happy would you be?   Please let me know what you think about all of this?  and hope all of you have a nice day,  Jon           

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March 30, 2008, 11:39 pmAbout all 6 numbers that repeated in the powerball-

Hello to everyone here,

I want to Thank all of you who read my latest blog about the powerball numbers ( 15-22-24-32-39- PB 18)  that all repeated on dates of 4/3/93  &  12/27/00.  We are all entitled to our own opinions,  but  those of you who agree?  You are awesome!!  lol.   Do you really think if your own 6 numbers for the lottery came up once they could again for the second time?  If you think about this , it does sound fishey.  Does the odds stay the same 1- in 146,107,962.00  or would your odds change?  By the way- don't worry i won't talk about this again, i just think we all should know the truth. 

Have a good week,  jonstrue2u 


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March 27, 2008, 2:16 pmIs the powerball for real?

Hello there to everyone,

I have been playing the lottery for many years now and have numbers to the powerball  that go way back.  (  On  4/ 3/ 1993)  -  The powerball numbers were-  (15-22-24-32-39- PB -18)

           ( on 12/27/00)      -   The powerball numbers were-  (15-22-24-32-39-PB - 18!!)

           This to me seems like the numbers can be controlled,  You tell me?  Maybe someone from one of the newspapers will do an ivestigation and it will end up on that show they call masterminds!  Hope everyone has a good day and Thankyou for reading my post,  John                         

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