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The KACHING Report - 4/18/08


Last Edited: April 18, 2008, 6:04 pm

I might do something here that I used to do a long time ago on another blog that I used to have.  Every week....up until about a year ago, when I only did these for winners totalling $20 or more unless there was an ususual winner or something, I would post about my winners from my lotto runs and any other ticket purchases from the past week.  I'll probably do this when I hit $20 or more in winning tickets (NOT profit....only from adding up the total of the winning tickets) during the week.

Introduction and history before I begin:

The KACHING "meter" is something I came up with to describe the total of my winning lottery tickets in an old blog of mine which no longer exists.  Each dollar in winners would be represented by a 0.01 on the "KACHING meter".  For example, if I hit $192 in winning tickets (NOT profit...just winning tickets), that would be a 1.92 on the "KACHING meter".  It became somewhat popular with blogging friends of mine and kinda caught on with others doing the "KACHING Report" stuff like I did.

However, being that huge winners ($100 and up) are rare for me, as whenever I hit a big winner, it's usually $20-$50, I've decided to do a format change.  Each dollar in winnings now represents 0.1 on the "KACHING meter".  For example, $9 in winners would be a 0.9, $35 would be a 3.5, and $175 would be a 17.5.

Now to the stuff:

On Tuesday, the Georgia Lottery came out with two new instant games, $2 "$50,000 Bling" and $5 "Green and Gold."  I decided to try some of these tickets out.  I had $7 in winners from last week and some spare dough in my pocket, so I decided to try out some of each.   On one of the $50,000 Bling tickets, I wound up hitting 9 number matches for $3.  On the very next Bling ticket, I hit a Bling symbol for triple a $1 prize.  Didn't win anything on the Green and Gold.  Not bad getting $30 in winners....and consecutive tickets at that.

Now we come to today.  I decide to go to the store and get me some more Green and Gold tickets.  Boy am I glad I did.  First one......FIFTEEN number matches for $1 each.  Next one....two number matches for $5 each and a green number match for double a $10 prize.  Final one....a free ticket.  $50 more in winners.

Later on, I decide to cash 'em in and use that free ticket to get me another Green and Gold from another store on the way back from doing some shopping out of town.  I wind up hitting 2 number matches for $1 and $3 and a green number match for double a $3 prize.

On the way back near home to do some grocery shopping around here, I decided to stop at another store around here after shopping at one grocery store (of 3 that I normally go to, which are very close to each other.....each store has different things I grab at different prices....I buy whatever I need at the store that's got it cheaper).  I told myself "What the hell....let's let it ride."  I cashed in that $10 winner and decided to get two more Green and Gold tickets.  Didn't win on the first one, but on the second one....

....hit my second $30 winner today (haven't cashed it in yet, of course).  This time, as you can see, via the gold bar "win all" symbol.  I love winners like this.  They look so sweet.

So....let's see.....from Tuesday, $27 + $3, and from today, $15 + $30 + Free Ticket (counts as value of the ticket, in this case, $5) + $10 + $30.  $30 + $90 = $120 for the week.  Remember, this is total winners, not profit.

This week's KACHING meter is a 12.0 -- 3.0 on Tuesday and 9.0 today.  [cue up cash register sound]

I've had a pretty good day today. Big Grin

Do remember.....I don't always have lucky streaks or weeks like this.  Some weeks I may only have $20-$25.....and sometimes less.  In those cases where I don't get more than $20 worth of winners in a week, I usually won't bother posting.

Be cool folks.  May your scratchers be nothing but winners, have nothing but number matches, multipliers, or win all symbols. Wink

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