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March 12, 2010, 2:20 pmA nice update to my last blog post...

I haven't received notification by mail on this, yet....but apparently....

....I'm also listed as a winner for Prize Pack 2 for the WPT sweepstakes!  If this is true and not some typo or mistake, this one includes a poker table top, rolling cooler bag, WPT 300 poker chip set with cards, WPT tumblers, WPT fleece blanket, WPT watch set, card shuffler, WPT clock, and a Texas Hold 'Em instructional DVD.

It does say in the rules that you can win more than one package, but just not the same package (e.g. You can win Prize Pack 2 and 3, but you can't win 2 of Prize Pack 3).

If this is true........wow at the goodies I'm going to get! Big Grin

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March 12, 2010, 1:03 pmRemember when I mentioned rainy days tend to bring me good luck?

Well, I received something in the mail today that made me very happy.

I'm receiving a World Poker Tour leather bag, WPT sunglasses, a WPT cap, and a leather jacket....all courtesy of the GA Lottery, of all people.

You may ask "Why?" and I'll tell ya why...

Apparently, my second chance entry into the WPT sweepstakes using a non-winning $5 $500,000 Hold 'Em Poker ticket won one of the drawing prizes (package consists of what I stated above -- there were 2 other prize packages consisting of different stuff and the grand prize is a trip to a WPT event)! Big Grin

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February 8, 2010, 10:59 pmI'm still around...

Yes, I know my gold subscription here at LP has expired.  I've decided not to renew for the time being because...well, I'm about to talk about that.

I'm still around.  I'm still updating my YouTube Channel and my Lotto Hideout.  I just haven't posted anything on my blog because I really haven't had much to talk about in my blog since I discontinued my weekly KACHING reports.

On the work-front, I've been working on, for the past couple of months (and still working), something for a possible promotion where I work.  I'm working on a couple of the requirements right now and finishing some other paperwork that will make me eligible for some nice raises when and if I do get this promotion.  I got offered this chance for this promotion in late December and I told my boss that I wanted to go for it.

Speaking of LP, I decided to let my subscription lapse because I'm having to cut back on certain expenses, lottery included.  I haven't been slow playing in about 3 weeks.  Also, another place where I loved to slow play scratchers, Keno, and Sit & Win games closed its doors (not the tobacco mart, another place) a few weeks ago as well.  So, that's one less place for me to slow play.  If and when I get the promotion I've talked about and some other things come together, I may be able to get about and do some other fun things as well (*cough* maybe a couple of days in Cherokee, NC *cough*). Smile

I hope everyone here has been doing well.  I hope everyone here has been winning lots of loot....especially those of you who now have the opportunity to play both Powerball and Mega Millions in the same state. Smile

Until next time, may your Powerball tickets, Mega Millions tickets, scratcher tickets, and every other kind of tickets win you tons of loot! Big Grin

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December 27, 2009, 2:45 pmRemember the printing problems I posted about a few months ago?

Well, it's good news!  I no longer have those printing problems.  Apparently it was my printer (I still haven't figured out how, though, despite uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and a bunch of other stuff).

The solution:  Receive a Kodak ESP3250 All-in-One printer for Christmas Big Grin  I had to turn around to see what model it was.  One change, though.....I didn't have to squint my eyes to see what it was, since my new glasses I got Tuesday makes most things far away very clear and readable again. Thumbs Up

I also got an Outback Steakhouse gift card (among other goodies), so I'm hopefully going to go there sometime soon and enjoy some good food!  [Homer Simpson]Mmmm......Aussie cheese fries with ranch[/Homer]

I hope everyone else here got some nice goodies for Christmas!  If you got lottery tickets for Christmas, I hope they were all winners!

Until next time, may you win tons of money and have a happy and rich new year! Smile

Last Edited: December 27, 2009, 2:51 pm

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December 23, 2009, 10:35 pmA Christmas picture I'd thought I'd share with everyone...

Yes...those people in the village are in a panic, as Miss Kitty came to invade on their town.  She blocked the 2:15 from getting out of town and closed off the lodge at the edge of the village with her big furry body. Razz

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December 23, 2009, 10:01 pmSomething that might interest GA Lottery players...

It's not been confirmed by the GA Lottery yet, but I thought I'd post this in my blog....

The owner of the tobacco mart that I go to for slow playing scratchers told me when I stopped by on Tuesday that someone from the GA Lottery dropped by (I think to drop off promotional materials....not 100% sure) and said that GA is joining the Powerball craze in January.

As I said....it's not 100% confirmed and there's no news story about it (that I know of)....but I thought I'd share that bit of information for those that are wondering if GA is going to add Powerball like a bunch of other states.  I really hope that person was telling the truth and GA will be getting Powerball.

Until next time, may you win lots of loot in all of your number games! Smile

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December 19, 2009, 1:30 amIs it me or...

...is the week before Christmas "National Be-a-Jerk Week"?  The reason I ask that is I've encountered an unusual amount of cranky, rude, and just plain jerks where I work (FYI, I work in the restaurant industry).  This time last year, I was working in the kitchen (mostly prepping with some dish pit) of a very popular pizza restaurant, but I've worked my way up to working the front counter and drive-thru, so I don't know how cranky and all that people were this time last year.

Anyone here been having to put up with an increased number of those types of people?  I'm just curious...

Until next time, may you encounter nicer people in life and may you hit your mega balls and powerballs on your multi-state jackpot games. Smile

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December 13, 2009, 12:31 pmI've made a little decision regarding my KACHING Reports...

It's for the same reason (a personal one which I will NOT discuss) I've deleted my biggest winners list and my profit/loss section on my Lotto Hideout.  I'm deciding to discontinue my weekly KACHING Report posts.  Also, the December KACHING on my YouTube channel will be my last KACHING montage.  I'll still continue to do episodes of Lotto Mania, though.  I will still continue to maintain and update my Lotto Hideout (and I've been trying to get in touch with the communications specialist with the GA Lottery for about a week now about more detailed odds.  I don't know if she's on vacation or what...)

I may update this blog with other stuff from time to time.  I'm just having to make some changes for reasons I won't discuss.

Until next time, may you win tons of loot and may you hit all of your numbers on your number games. Wink

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December 6, 2009, 1:26 pmJingle bells, Jumbo Bucks, money all the way! (The KACHING Report 12/5)

Oh what fun it is to win on a lottery ticket...HEY!  Jingle bells, Jumbo Bucks, money all the way!  Oh what fun it is to win on a lottery ticket...


$3 (3 x $1), $2 (2 x $1), and $5 (MEGA $1) on some $2 MegaBucks

$10 ($10) and a free ticket on some $2 Loteria


Free ticket and $10 (Gift $3 + Gift $2) on some $2 HolidaySurprise

Free ticket on $2 Spicy Cash

Free ticket on $3 2010 Cash Celebration


Trust me, you'll want to watch this YouTube video to see something I pulled off for only the 3rd time... Wink

Friday slow playing:

Free ticket and $50 ($50) on 2 $20 World Class Millions

$20 ($10 + 2 x $5) and $250 ($250) on 2 $10 MillionaireMania

$20 ($20) on $10 Super Lucky 7s

$100 (Star) on $10 Extreme Green

Free ticket on $5 Bass Pro Shops $250,000 Cash Adventure

$10 (2 x Tree $1) and $25 (Tree $2 + $15) on 2 $5 Season’sGreetings

$100 ($100) and a free ticket on 2 $5 Diamonds & Gold

Friday other places:

$15 ($15) on $10 Millionaire Mania

$15 (15 x $1 w/GOLD) and a free ticket on 2 $5 Diamonds& Gold


$50 ($5 + 15 x $3 w/gold bar) and a free ticket on some $5$500,000 Riches

I can honestly say this.....I've NEVER had this kind of luck before....not even around the time I hit my 1st $500 winner (with hitting $100 the day after and hitting $50 and 3 $30 winners around the same time).  With the 2 monster winners in my latest YouTube video (linked above -- it's an all Jumbo Bucks special) and the monsters on Friday and Saturday (including a career best on 2 games, Millionaire Mania and Diamonds & Gold), this week has contained the most, winner-wise, I've ever hit in my life.  What an early merry Christmas this has been for me.

With all that, I'm bringing back the KACHING meter for this week (and maybe on another occasion if the situation permits...).

The KACHING Meter for Saturday, December 5 (yes, a day late, I know):  T-I-L-T Big Grin

I just can't believe this.  One thing I'll most certainly be thankful for this Christmas......all of this dough that will most certainly come in handy for Christmas gifts for family and friends and something else for myself.....getting a pair of glasses (so I can see things far away again -- right now, everything a very far distance from me is blurry......and it's probably from me working in front of computers so much in my life).

Until next time, may you have an early merry Christmas by winning a 3-digit sum or more on most if not all of your tickets! Smile

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November 29, 2009, 3:09 pmThe KACHING Report 11/28 + lots of Lotto Hideout updates

I realized I goofed on the title of my last KACHING Report....I meant for it to be 11/21, not 6/21. Razz


2 free tickets, $2 (2 x $1), and $5 (5 x $1) on some $1Junior Jumbo Bucks

$5 ($5) on $1 Quick $50

$25 on $1 $10,000 Club

$20 ($20) on $2 Fire ‘N’ Dice

$28 (3 x $7 + 7 x $1) on $2 Red Hot & Wild 7s

Free ticket and $12 (12 x $1 w/basket) on some $3 CashHarvest

Free ticket, $6 ($6), and $12 (BIG $1) on some $3 Big Bucks

Free ticket and $10 (2 x $5) on a couple of $3 Mighty MegaBucks

2 free tickets and $20 (4 x $5) on some $5 $500,000 Riches

$50 (10 x $5) on some $5 Season’s Greetings*

$25 ($10 + 3 x $5) on some $5 Harley Davidson Rides &Riches

Free ticket on $5 $500,000 Hold ‘Em Poker

$20 (20 x $1) on a $10 Jingle Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket and $40 (4 x $10) on a couple of $20 World ClassMillions


$15 (15 x $1 w/gold bar) on $5 Diamonds & Gold

Free ticket on $3 Golden Ticket

Free ticket on $3 2010 Cash Celebration

Free ticket on $2 Win It All

$3 (3 x $1) on a $2 $35,000 Super Score

$50 (10 x $5) and $30 (10 x $3) on 2 $2 HolidaySurprise

$5 ($2 + 3 x $1) on a $1 Holly Day Cash


$7 (3 x $2 + $1) on $1 Double Blackjack

Free ticket and $12 (4 x $3) on some $3 Cash Harvest

Free ticket on $5 Season’s Greetings


2 $3 winners (both $3) on some $1 Double Blackjack

Free ticket on $2 Aladdin’s Lamp

Free ticket, $4 ($4), and $8 ($8) on some $2 Aces & 8s

2 free tickets, $2 (2 x $1), and $3 (3 x $1) on some $2 MegaBucks

$6 ($$ $3) on a $3 2010 Cash Celebration


Free ticket and $3 ($3) on some $2 Holiday Surprise


Free ticket on $1 Double Blackjack

*I wanted to get a picture of this, but the people at where I was playing at were very eagar to scan the winner and pay me my money.....and then afterwards they realized they were out of ink and I couldn't get a picture of the ticket (nor take the defaced ticket home).  It did look pretty, though...with 10 bill symbols (to win the prize under each) for $5 each. Smile  Also, during that slow playing session on Monday, I did something that I've been trying to do for over 5 years.  I've been playing the $3 Big Bucks since I started playing lottery tickets in 2004.  Not once had I ever hit a BIG symbol for 12 times the prize on those tickets...until Monday. Big Grin  I didn't care if it had $1 under it (with my luck, that's what it was)...I'm just glad I finally hit the bloody thing after 5 years. Razz

I've made a TON of updates to my Lotto Hideout (mostly other states, though).  I've updated all of the other states' odds and comparisons over the past week and I'm about to start work on another project involving all of the states that I've covered.

Until next time, may you win lots of loot and may you hit a ton of number matches (or other ways to win) on your scratchers and your numbers games. Smile

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November 22, 2009, 12:24 pmThe KACHING Report 6/21


$21 ($10 + 2 x $2 + 7 x $1) on $2 Red Hot & Wild 7s

Free ticket on $2 Quick $100

$5 ($5) and $3 (3 x $1) on some $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic


2 free tickets on some $1 5X The Money

$3 (3 x $1) on $2 10X The Money

$15 (Train $3 + $6) and $6 (2 x $3) on some $3 $100,000Monopoly

$20 (5 x $3 + 5 x $1 w/lamp) and $3 (3 x $1) on some $2Aladdin’s Lamp


$5 on $2 Cashword II

$3 ($3) and $6 ($$ $3) on some $3 2010 Cash Celebration


Free ticket and $2 ($2) on some $1 Double Blackjack

Free ticket, $6 ($$ $3), and $24 ($15 + 3 x $3) on some $32010 Cash Celebration

Saturday (slow playing):

2 free tickets and $2 (21 $1) on some $1 Double Blackjack

Free ticket and $6 (6 x $1) on some $3 2010 Cash Celebration

$15 (3 x $5) on a $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

2 free tickets on some $2 Quick $100

2 free tickets and $2 (2 x $1) on some $2 Jumbo BucksClassic

$20 and a free Fantasy 5 quick pick (4 x $5 + F5) on a $2Fast 5s

2 free tickets on some $5 Season’s Greetings

$20 (4 x $5) on a $10 Millionaire Mania

I didn't slow play on Monday (because my mom's surgery was on Wednesday).  On Wednesday, I grabbed a few tickets before we headed down to the hospital near Atlanta.  I bought her a $20 Millionaire Jumbo Bucks.  Unfortunately, she didn't win anything.  There is good news, though...her surgery was successful, we got home around 3 AM the next morning, and she's feeling great now!  She felt great enough to where we went shopping Saturday....well, you know where I went while she went shopping. Razz

I'll probably get back to my Monday slow playing if I'm not called into work (and a few other things) on Monday.

Until next time, may you, your family, and your friends be feeling well and may you win tons of money! Smile

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November 15, 2009, 2:16 pmThe KACHING Report 11/14


$25 (2 x Moneybag $2 + $5) on a $5 $500,000 Riches

$7 (7 x $1) on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

$3 ($3) on $2 Fire ‘N’ Dice

$2 ($2) on $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks

$2 ($2) on $2 Quick $50

$5 on $1 $10,000 Club

Free ticket and $4 ($2 + 2 x $1) on some $2 Spicy Cash

3 free tickets and $10 ($10) on some $2 $35,000 Super Score

$8 ($8) on $3 Cash Harvest

2 free tickets on some $5 Season’s Greetings


Free ticket on $3 Bingo Bingo

2 free tickets on some $1 5X the Money

It was a really bad week this week....losses all around, including a really bad one on Monday.

I won't be slow playing this coming Monday.  I'm subbing for a coworker at work, plus I'm trying to save a little bit more dough.  Also, my mom is having surgery Wednesday.  I'm taking off Wednesday and Thursday from work.   There is a possibility that there may not be a KACHING Report next week because it's possible I may not play at all next week.

I've still been working slowly on my Lotto Hideout when I've had a few spare moments, but they've been few and far between during the past week.  I'm on Massachusetts' $5 tickets now.  It's now a downhill climb (I think that's how you'd describe it) because there are much fewer tickets when I get to the $10 and $20 tickets.

Until next time, may you win lots of loot and may your family be in good health. Smile

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November 7, 2009, 11:36 pmThe KACHING Report 11/7 + Lotto Hideout updates

I've decided to make a change to my KACHING Reports....they'll be going from Sunday to Saturday instead of Saturday to Friday.  This is just something that's easier for me to keep track of.  Carry on. Wink

Monday slow playing:

$10 (JUMBO $2) on $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks

2 free ticket on some $2 Two for the Dough

Free ticket on $5 Atlanta Falcons $500,000 Touchdown

$8 ($5 + $3) on $3 Cash Harvest

$7 (MEGA $1 + $2) on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

$21 ($3 + 9 x $2 w/TD) on $2 $35,000 Super Score

$7 (Red Pepper $1 + $2) on $2 Spicy Cash

$15 (Fire $3), $10 (2 x $5), 4 free tickets, and $3 (both 3x $1) on some $2 Fire ‘N’ Dice

$20 (Moneybag $3 + $5) on a $5 $500,000 Riches

$9 on Deal or No Deal:  Beat the Banker (GA Lottery Sit & Win game, played during bonus hours Mondays where you get 50% more on winning tickets purchased between 6 and 8 PM)

I didn't play much this week (just Monday).  Monday, despite the winners, wasn't good at all.  I wound up letting the bigger winners ride and not hitting squat.  Hopefully the tide of good luck will come back in soon. Smile

I'm still working on my Lotto Hideout.  I'm working on Massachusetts, which has become a pretty big project converting the detailed odds of the winning combinations into consolidated odds.  Also, the Mass Lottery website doesn't distinguish retired games from active games on their instant game pages.  There were numerous games that were listed which had been retired.  I didn't discover this until later, when I found a list of retired games in a hard-to-find (IMO) place....a legal notices page.  So, I had to go back, edit, and delete pages and had to go back and edit my $1 Odds Comparisons page for the Mass $1 games.  Since then, I've had multiple tabs open in Firefox so I can figure out which games are active and which are retired.  That's slowed down my work some.

Also, you may have noticed that I didn't post pictures of big wins on my last KACHING Report.  That's because I included them in my October '09 KACHING video on my YouTube Channel.

Until next time, may you win lots of loot on all of your tickets. Smile

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November 4, 2009, 3:35 pmHeads up to GA scratcher players concerning the holiday tickets...

I've got the detailed odds on all of the holiday games (except for the 2010 Cash Celebration, or whatever it's called, because it doesn't come out until the middle of November) and I've posted them on my Lotto Hideout.

With the exception of the $5 Season's Greetings (it's about on par with the other $5 tickets' odds), the other holiday games are absolutely crap, with the only exception being a $100 winner on the $1 Holly Day Cash (best of all $1 tickets) and a $100 winner on the $10 Jingle Jumbo Bucks (best of all $10 tickets).  The odds on the other prizes (except maybe the small $10/$20 prizes on the Jingle Jumbos) are not very good at all; in fact, some of them are the worst odds of a particular denomination.

Until next time, may you use your detailed instant game odds wisely to nail a nice win. Smile

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November 1, 2009, 1:44 pmThe KACHING Report 10/30 (late again) + Lotto Hideout update

Sorry....for the billionth time in a row (at this rate), I'm late with this again because of something....this time being insanely busy at work for Halloween weekend.  I hope everyone had a SAFE Halloween weekend and I hope, if you have children, that you checked your child's candy and they were being careful.


Free ticket and $2 ($2, 1 in 18) on some $1 Holly Day Cash

Free ticket (1 in 10) and $8 ($8, 1 in 30) on some $5 Season’s Greetings


3 free tickets (1 in 8) and $15 (1 in 300) on some $1 $10,000 Club

$2 ($2) on $1 Quick $50

Free ticket, $2 ($2), and $25 (JUMBO $3 + $10) on some $1Junior Jumbo Bucks

$50 (5 $7 + 3 x $5, 1 in 300), $20 (2 x$5 + 5 x $2, 1 in 133), $10 (10 x $1, 1 in 100), and a free ticket (1 in 8) on some $2 Lucky Times 5

$4 ($4, 1 in 40), $7 ($4 + $3, 1 in 43), and $20 (5 x $3 + 5 x $1, 1 in 150) on some $2Spicy Cash

$10 (10 x $1 w/TD) on a $2 $35,000 Super Score

Free ticket (1 in 10), 2 $3 winners ($2 + $1 and “2” $1 + $1, 1 in 21), and $30(“2” $12 + “2” $3, 1 in 400) on some $2 Two for the Dough

$8 ($5 + $3, 1 in 33) on $3 Cash Harvest

$15 ($15, 1 in 100) and $7 (MEGA $1 + $2, 1 in 44) on some $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

$20 (5 x $2 + 10 x $1 w/gift, 1 in 60), $8 (8 x $1, 1 in 30), free ticket (1 in 10), and$10 (Tree $1 + $5, 1 in 17) on some $5 Season’s Greetings

2 $10 winners (2 x $5 and Football $5, 1 in 15) on some $5 AtlantaFalcons $500,000 Touchdown

2 $12 winners ($5 + $4 + $3 and 4 x $3, 1 in 15) on 2 $10 Jumbo JumboBucks

Free ticket (1 in 11) on $20 World Class Millions


Free ticket on $10 Jingle Jumbo Bucks

$50 (5 x $4 + 10 x $3 w/gift, 1 in 150) on $5 Season’s Greetings


$20 (2 x JUMBO $2) on $10 Jingle Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket, $3 ($2 + $1), and $30 (Gift $10 + 2 x $5) onsome $2 Holiday Surprise

Thursday slow playing:

$10 (2 x $5), $20 (4 x $5), and $25 (5 x $5) on some $10Jingle Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket (1 in 10) and $8 (Tree $1 + $3, 1 in 30) on some $2 Season’sGreetings

Free ticket on $2 Holiday Surprise

$10 (2 x $5, 1 in 100) on a $1 Holly Day Cash

Free ticket (1 in 8) on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

Thursday other places:

$3 (3 x $1) and a free ticket on some $2 Red Hot & Wild7s

$2 (2 x $1) on $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic

$2 (2 x $1) on $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket on $2 Fruit Twist

$3 ($2 + $1, 1 in 25) on $2 Spicy Cash


$20 ($10 + 2 x $5) on $10 Jingle Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket on $1 Triple Win

$20 (Fire $2 + 5 x $2, 1 in 96), $7 (Fire $1 + 2 x $1, 1 in 75), $3 (3 x $1, 1 in 30),and a free ticket (1 in 10) on some $2 Fire ‘N’ Dice

$10 (5 x $2), $5 (5 x $1), $3 (3 x $1) and a free ticket onsome $2 Holiday Surprise

It was a pretty good week this week.  You may have noticed that I didn't post images with the big winners...that's because I'm going to include them in my October KACHING video on my YouTube channel, which I'll work on after I post this.

If you noticed, I included odds info on some of my winners for the $1 Holly Day Cash and $5 Season's Greetings tickets.  That's because those are the 2 newest GA additions to my Lotto Hideout.

Until next time, may you win lots of loot and hit lots of special symbols! Smile

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